Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Two Down One To Go

Yesterday morning Natasha had a phone call from the Dept of Housing the woman wanted to ask her a few questions, Tasha said can you ring me back I am on the

Anyway when the woman rang back she asked Tasha if she still wanted a Dept of Housing place and when she said you she was told that they had a place for her. This she feels is great news except for the fact it is in a suburb that she would rather not live in but still she is taking the place, as Lucas said to her you don't know you may like it there.

So she should be moving out in a couple of weeks she has to wait until the place has had the carpet replaced and any other repairs done.

So now there is only Jessica and Leo to get out again then it will be just me and Tim here.


  1. This sounds like good news Jo-Anne. How different life will be when the children manage to find their own places.
    Now that's when the excitement begins

  2. Hopefully all works out well and you can get some rest.

  3. good news, i hope yr daughter likes the new house. Fran

  4. Wonderful news Jo-anne...
    I hope it all works out for her...

  5. That's nice news, and I hope all goes smoothly for you all. You will notice the difference when they are gone.

  6. Hi All

    Yes it is great news and I hope she likes it there she is worried about living in that suburb but Lucas said lets give it a go and see what happens.


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