Saturday, 28 March 2009


My darling husband has been speaking to our GP about his drinking and has been referred to a drug and alcohol centre at the Mater hospital. This is great news I am so happy with him for doing this I just hope he goes and it helps him.

I told him the other day that I do not like the way he treats Jessica she went up to him to show him something she bought and he was very nasty to her and she said "if thats how you feel I will never speak to you again" and what was his response "I should be so lucky". When I told him this is what he said to her he couldn't remember in fact he couldn't remember anything that happened that night and that has become a habit with him.

He told Jessica last night he loves her and worrys about her and is sorry about the way he has been acting and that when he was talking to the doctor about his drinking he was thinking about her and how bad their relationship is.

At the moment I am proud of him.


  1. Things are looking up. Hope he continues to get help. You are a brick to stick by him and help him through it. Jessica too.

  2. hi Jo-Anne, i hope it's successful and things improve for you. i agree with Diane about you staying with him and supporting him. :) Fran

  3. That is good news about your Tim and I do hope all goes well for all of you.

  4. Hi All

    Sorry for taking so long to get back here no excuse just laziness anyway thanks for the kind words I do love him and believe in him.


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