Saturday, 6 February 2016

Hey Hey it's Saturday. Just saying

Hello everyone, hope your day is or has been a good one, we are having another cool wet day here, I was lucky to get my walk done with before it started to rain.

Tim and Jessica drove to Williamtown/Newcastle airport to pick up a rental car, Jessica would like to learn to drive a manual so earlier in the week Tim rang around and found some place that hired manual cars. Anyway the get there and are told it would cost $400 for the day what the hell, no bloody way they were paying that type of money, they were told because it was being paid for with debt card not a credit card that it cost so much. Tim told them to forget it he wasn't paying that much money. What a waste of time.

This morning I have 3 out of 4 grandchildren here, Kathy is also here but she is having a nap, the girls have been keeping her awake a lot at night and really doing her head in with not listening to her and demanding her attention all the damn time. She rang me while I was out walking this morning and she sounded terrible, I told her she could come over and have a nap here if she wanted to and she did.

Tim said he had a terrible night not being able to sleep and waking up a lot during the night and at 3am when he woke up he realised that Natasha wasn't home so he rang her to see where she was, he was worried about her as she is usually home long before 3am. Nothing was wrong it is just the woman she works with, she is a gossip and will stand around talking why Natasha does the work which as you can imagine pisses Natasha off no end. So she is somewhat tired today.

Tim decided that he wanted to turn his hand to making a meal using the slow cooker, he has prepared everything it is just chicken legs and veggies with leek all mixed together in the slow cooker. I have never tired leek so have no idea if I like it or not but I am all for giving it a try. I told Tim if he is using the slow cooker he has to get it in and started before lunch so it will be ready for tea time/dinner time.

I have to take back a bottle of Pepsi Max I bought yesterday as when I opened it last night it was flat as, so I rang the store straight away and complained and let them know I would take it back today couldn't do it yesterday afternoon didn't feel like going out again. I like to ring straight away so I have no dramas when I take it back the following day.

Ok started this in the am but finishing it in the pm so all I am going to add is that I am now posting and then I will either read some more blogs or answer some letters.


Margaret-whiteangel said...

Busy time there.
Always good to read that a man is cooking..

CWMartin said...

Boy, that rental company was the definition of highway robbery. I've never heard anything so ridiculous as two different prices for debit or credit.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I would rather be busy than bored, ok I don't get bored, don't have enough time to be bored

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I know Tim and I have hired rental cars a few times when on holiday but never been told that. However, my mum said her and dad have had that problem in the past.

Susan P. Cooper said...

Always a busy day for you. How did it turn, the slow cooker meal? 😊

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

The meal was eatable but not that great, took Tim a while to admit it wasn't that great though

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