Tuesday, 2 December 2014


Good afternoon, I am sick so sick that yesterday I was in bed at 5pm and today well I wish I could go to bed but I have Blain here so I will wait till around 6.30pm by then mum would have rung and Tim will be home from work and I will then toddle off to bed.

I spent most of the day writing Christmas cards and Kathy took a heap that already had stamps on them to post for me hope she didn't forget.

Blain is wanting his mum to bring over his Xbox and I told him no there is no were to set it up.

I realised today that I forgot to transfer my unposted blog folder over to this new computer so I will have to pop on over to mums in the next day or so and get it off the old computer. I have most of my Christmas posts already written and saved.

If I hadn't needed to go and get Leo from school I would have gone to bed hours ago, in the last half hour my nose has stated to feel blocked but if I take anything for it I will become even more tired.

Well that is all for today 


whiteangel said...

Hope you soon feeling much improved. A good rest might help :)

Rita said...

I hope you are feeling better very soon!! Get as much rest as you can. :)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
Hope you feel at least a bit more rested.
My upper back was bothering me since Sunday and that makes you want to lie down and just rest... But somehow we have to wrestle through those days, do the cooking and necessary things to get by.
Sending you hugs,

Empty Nester said...

So sorry you're not well. A friend at school was home today with her teenage daughter who has the flu. UGH. Hope you are up and about soon!

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