Thursday, 25 December 2014

My Christmas Day

Merry Christmas everyone, yes I know most of my posts lately have been about Christmas traditions but since it is Christmas Day I thought I would end the day by telling you a bit about how I spent the day. Well I was woken up around 7am by Blain, no he didn't spend last night here but he and Tasha turned up early to give us their presents and to receive our presents to them. Blain went in and woke up Leo and Jessica and Papa as well, so there was a big exchange of gifts here, yes Jessica and Leo spent last night here so Leo was super excited to see that his Christmas bag had been filled by Santa. It was great to see Leo get so excited by all his gifts although Blain was in a mood going one about Leo's presents and when his mum told him to stop he got all moo dy.

Blain has never been one to get excited about Christmas presents or about birthday presents he is just like his mum in that regard but let's move onto something more important, how I spent the rest of the day.

Well I sliced the tomatoes ok more to the point I made a mess of them my slicer first sliced them too thin so I swapped slicers and the second on just tore them apart and I also sliced the cucumber which turned out well.

By 9.30am Tim and I headed over to my parents place where we had another exchange of gifts between family members. Then it was time to start cooking the roast potatoes we only do the frozen ones in the air fryer, I had cooked the potato bake last night and had it warming in the oven since I arrived.

After lunch we pack up the car and head home again, mum & dad love having all the family around Christmas morning but by 2pm they are glad to see the back of us as everyone leaves and they have a quiet afternoon.

Being Christmas Day I have had a number of drinks, ok I am a bit tipsy but what the hell it isn't like I drink a lot. I will write more about my gifts over the next few days.

I hope everyone of my blogging friends as well as my family have had a bloody wonderful Christmas or in some cases have a wonderful Christmas as I know not all my friends are in the same timeline as me.    


  1. Seems you had a lovely day. Our youngest son and family came for dinner, now gone so it's nice and quiet till the next lot of guestd arrive for Christmas Tea...

    1. Yes I did have a good day and today being Boxing Day I will do very little can't go out nothing opened so all I need to do is pop over to mums to pick up some cupcakes and iron Tim's work shirts

  2. Merry Christmas, sleep well...


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