Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sunday Lunch........aka.......a full house

Good afternoon all, it is another bloody warm day here in my part of the world and what a day I have had, I spent the morning doing housework and then I have been cooking for lunch.

I have my 4 girls here for lunch and all the grandchildren along with Daemon so the house has been loud and chaotic and the house now looks a right mess.

I spent the last 2 nights at my brother's place dog sitting but I left early to come home this morning as I knew the house would be a right mess and I would have to clean before the family has turned up.

I also managed to read about 30 odd blogs while cooking and cleaning.

Kathy has had a problem with Sydney-May not wanting to leave, first we couldn't find Sydney-May's shoes then when the shoes were found she put them on but started to whinge because she didn't want to leave. Kathy may have a problem getting her daughters to leave but I have a problem getting my youngest daughter to

I am looking forward to having a quiet house after they all leave, I then will get to put something on other than cartoons.

I also want to work on some posts for the coming week I like to have a few there ready to be used when I am too busy to write a post. 


  1. It's pleasant here, but the U.S. is supposed to have a polar vortex moving in. The worst that will happen in Florida is that it will be chilly and rainy. That's not a big deal.


    1. Well I am please to hear it isn't a big deal being a bit chilly with rain sounds ok to me also

  2. Those kids are just too adorable!! I bet it looked like a storm blew through your house when they all left..LOL!

    1. Yes it did but I do love having them over...........thanks for saying they are adorable I think so

  3. Like the last pic. The cute look.


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