Sunday, 16 November 2014

52 Years ago today I came into the world

Today is my birthday it was 52 years ago at 4.05pm on a Friday afternoon that I was born. I came into the world 6 weeks early and as such I was in a humidicrib for 4 weeks weighing only 4lb 2oz's, I was only 12 inches long.

I was 5 weeks old when I was able to go home with mum and dad. However, that was not the end of my time in hospital at 3 months of age my parents were in a car accident I suffered a fractured skull and was in hospital for about 5 days along with my dad, then at 6 months of age I was hospitalised with pneumonia I was in hospital for 6 days that time.

I was so tiny and frail when I was born that the doctors thought I wouldn't survive the night and because of that my nanna wanted me to be baptised so I was baptised when I was only hours old.

A number of years after my birth my mum had a there but for the grace of God thought about me, you see when mum was pregnant with me she suffered terrible morning sickness and was prescribed thalidomide but mum felt funny taking anything while pregnant she just didn't feel right about it and decided against taking it. Of course thalidomide has since been linked with birth defects, so I am lucky that mum didn't take the drug.

I was an only child till I was around 6 years old when mum & dad had my sister Jeannie followed by my sister Sue and then of course when I was 15 they had Sandra and then David.


  1. Happy Birthday, hope you had a lovely day. I am sure you did.
    Gosh, you were meant to be with us :)

    1. Yes I did have a good day I will write about my day later today

  2. Oh my goodness, you went through quite a lot!!! Happy birthday Jo-Ann!!


    1. Yes the world was meant to have Jo-Anne in it

  3. Happy Birthday! My goodness, you sure went through a lot as a baby. You are a survivor!

  4. You have quite a story! Happy Birthday! :-)
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

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