Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Giving away my old laptop to my mum and other news

Good morning, yes it is morning here in Newie on this lovely Wednesday and guess what I am not going to see my nan today because mum has to wait at home for Chrisco.

Had Blain here last night he went to sleep on my armchair but during the night he came and got into bed with me and papa and this morning I can take him to school since I am not going to see nanna.

I also want to get over to mum's today I am giving her my old laptop so she can learn about using a computer. Of course I am giving her a computer bag with it and an exercise book for her to write down how things are done so she has a record that I think when you are starting to learn is a must you can write down which program to use along with step by step instructions to refer to till you get the hang of things.

On another topic as I look around my house this morning all I can think is that I need to get more Christmas decorations out and I think I need to buy more of the wall stickers to go on the walls. Tim thinks I over do it but really let's be honest here the man has no idea what over doing it is my house is mildly decorated compared to many others.

He also thinks I over do it with Christmas presents as in I give to much and to too many family members, I feel that after 30 years he should know this is me and it is who I am and I am not going to change any time soon if at all.

An update about Tim he got a written warning at work about the cutting the guy off thing so he is feeling better but has learnt his lesson I hope and will not do it again. I have never thought about ringing up and complaining about a bus driver in my life and I have had some right bastard bus drivers and I have been cut off by them time and again. I just curse them and move on.


whiteangel said...

I am sure your mother will enjoy the laptop, and I agree a book to write down instructions is a must to begin with..
Gosh, some people will complain about anything, so I hope Tim is ok with his letter that he received.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes so true I think some people have too much time on their hands. Mum was really happy about getting the laptop.

CWMartin said...

A lot of those who complain are the ones that are worming their way around illegally, riding in their blind spot, and other stupid things to piss the bus drivers off.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes I agree, we are glad that not a lot came of the complaint Tim is feeling less knotted up inside over it

Update on mum

After getting up this morning and throwing a load of washing on to wash I get a phone call from Sandra just as I was thinking of ringing...