Saturday, 6 August 2011

What a day

Today started out ok went and had a family photo done it consisted of my parents and my siblings and they turned out good we should get them in a couple of weeks time, the cost per person was $50 for a package with 8 photos in it all up we will get 9 photos and we divide them between us.

The day has ended terrible though Tim is in a right foul mood and I do understand part of the reason why he is so annoyed the boys where loud and getting into everything and Jessica is about as helpfull as tits on a bull. The boys got into Tim's petrol for his whipper snipper and tipped it out all over the back yard and when I went off my head at them Jessica acted like it was Tim who was in the wrong because his shed wasn't locked which pissed me off.

He is also pissed off about the dogs which he is fed up with and doesn't want them here anymore, I am in two minds about them on one hand I never wanted the dogs to start with and on the other hand I am attached to them....

Then Jessica lent her car to Jono (Blain's Dad) for the rest of the weekend which pissed Tim off he doesn't understand why she lends him the car, do I think she should do it NO but as far as I am concerned even though the car is in her dad's name it is her car and we can not tell her who she can or cannot lend it to...........I do not want to be one of those type of parents..................I feel all we can do is trust that she knows what she is doing.............

The day has ended with me feeling so stressed that all I really want to do is cry.................

As I just said to Tim tomorrow will be a better day........................


  1. hope tomorrow is better. my day wasn't great either but it's nearly over now isn't it? chin up

  2. You deserve everyday to be a better day! Sorry it sucked. Thanks for coming to my party! Hugs.

  3. tim sounds like my hubby can get pissed off about the littlest stuff. i swear my hubby has the worst mood swings i think he truly has PMS most days.

    PS you won the sweepstakes so shoot me an email with your address and the email you want them to contact you at. hugs

  4. I hope things get better! Haven't been here in awhile and i love the look of your blog :)

  5. hope your day is better tomorrow. sorry today was such a bummer.

  6. Hi Yevisha

    Tommorrow is here and I do think it will be a better day and half of making it better is believing it will be better.

    Hi Barb

    Loved the party had a great time......
    Today will be an much better day....

    Hi Becca

    Oh you know it he is the moodiest man some days also I think it had something to do with the fact he started drinking around 1pm when we got home from shopping..... I won something cool I will send you and email after I do all these replies.

    Hi Mountain Mamma

    Great to hear from you again things will be better today I just have to have some faith that it will.

    Hi Teresa

    Yesterday is over and today will be better I have faith in that a little postive thinking goes a long way.............

  7. Hi Jo Anne, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm a new follower and look forward to reading your posts. Remember the post I wrote about Something Good? Well that very day we learned that my husbands young nephew had died unexpectedly in a freak accident. So, just saying that something good is going to happen doesn't really make it so. But I found out that when I said it, I noticed all the good things that did happen. Things I wouldn't have noticed before. I hope you are able to notice all of the good things in today.

  8. I hope your day is a better one tomorrow.

  9. Hello and welcome Kneeandpaws so great to see your comment here hope you enjoy reading my ramblings....I try to have a postive outlook on life and think good things will happen.


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