Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dylan we will miss you.....................

This doesn't look good and for those of you who are thinking what the hell is that well it's my dog Dyan's bum..........................she has this large growth on it and we have found out that it is cancer and there is no way we can afford the treatment which may not work anyway.

So this afternoon we will be having her put down me and Kathy will be taking her to the vet to have it done I know it's for the best but it still is upsetting for me even though I have never wanted her after 10 yrs or so you do get use to having her around.

This is her in better days.............


  1. aww, sorry to hear this. :(

  2. I am so sorry to hear this! it is always wrenching to have to say goodbye to our faithful pets.

  3. Always hard to lose a pet - even one you didn't want around I think. That is quite a scary picture. But he is quite the cutie in his heyday.
    I don't know what I would do without Spot and Scooby, but accept that they have to leave us sooner than we could ever leave them.
    My thoughts go to Dylan and that it is a painless process. He will be happy at the rainbow bridge.

  4. I hate to think of putting a pet down. I hope I never find out. I am so sorry you are having to do this.
    Blessings, Joanne

  5. Aww, I am so sorry. I know how much it hurts. He had a good life from you, that you know for sure and you can take comfort in it.

    Hugs. :(

  6. oh you poor thing. that's terrible. it does look bad and painful too. poor little dog. sending you a hug. x

  7. That is really, really sad. I dread the day when my 8 year old dog finally leaves us.....

  8. I'm so sorry to hear that you're going to be losing poor little Dylan. I'm sure that you will really miss him, although you wouldn't want him to live and be in pain. I love SkippyMom's comment about the rainbow bridge. Have you seen that poem? Another blogger posted it when she lost her dog, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. Take care and sending you hugs.

  9. I'm sorry you have to do this Jo-Anne but you are doing the right thing because he will suffer if he hasn't started to already. With all of my heart I believe that pets cross over to the other side and greet us when it's our turn. So I hope that gives you something positive to think about. I know how hard it is. But we don't want our pets to suffer anymore than we do our families. Huge Hugs !!!!

  10. so sorry Jo-Anne, through the years, Rick and I have had to let go of several of beloved dogs, not sure which is most difficult, putting them down, or them just passing.....nothing is easy when it comes to loss of love.

  11. Oh, Jo-Anne!!!
    I am so sorry to hear about Dyan.
    Yes, I TRULY hope painless for her. How hard and heartbreaking thing for all of your family. They are all our family members aren't they...
    I've experienced some death of my pets since kid. My last one had died from "canine heartworm". Kind of all of a sudden when we realized his change and it was late when we took him to vet as well. I had him from my late 20's and early 30's as kind of a replacement for baby. He only had life for 5 years. Yes, really hard to face it.
    I've read the poem "the rainbow bridge" Thisisme mentioned.

    Blessing to you and all of your family especially for your LOVING kids, Orchid

  12. I am so sorry :( It's so hard to lose a pet!

  13. ID....It is sad but had to be done.

    Desiree......Yes it is hard to say goodbye Dylan wasn't the first pet I have lost and I don't thing she will be the last since we still have another dog DC.

    SkippyMom.......Yes she was very cute when she was fit and healthy and in someways she wasn't as bad as our last dog who was only skin and bones by the time she went and I really didn't want to see Dylan become like that. I have looked up the poem Rainbow Bridge and I like it a lot thanks for putting me onto it.

    Joanne.......It was a very hard and emotional thing to do but it was for the best.

    Jamie......Yes she did have a good life and she was such a cute little dog.

    Yevisha.........Oh yeah it did look very painful and it was very hard, she is in a better place now though.

    Al.....Yes it is sad and my daughter was an emotional wreck as Dylan was her dog and in her name so she had to be the one to sigh the concent form to put her down.

    Thisisme.....I have gone and read the poem Rainbow Bridge and I liked it. No we didn't want to see Dylan suffer she was such a great little dog..

    Barb......I also belive our pets are on the other side waiting for us and I feel that Dylan is now with out last dog Dot Dot waiting for us to join them.

    Jilda.....I think the hardest thing is when they are hit by a car I saw a dog I had get hit by a car and die when I was 18 and it was very hard on me.

    Orchid........Yes Dylan is in a better place now and she is on the other side waiting for us. I did not want to see her suffer and felt what we did was the best thing we could do for her and it is what the vet said also.

  14. Oh my, a sad day then and days after.
    Hope you are ok.

  15. Oh I'm so sorry. I'm a pet lover so it is always hard when it comes time to say goodbye. Poor little thing. By now it is all done but I hope you are doing ok.



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