Monday, 15 August 2011

Scattering Love is it enough

"It's not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells the sort of life you have lived.

I like this quote and it made me think what do I scatter and what it tells to others.

I like to think of myself as a non judgemental person and always have said that it is not my place to judge people and if someone is doing something that God maynot approve of then it will be up to God to pass judgement not me......................

This is something hubby doesn't get he is a very judemental person and often will paint heaps of people with the same brush such as people who are gay he has often judged them and in fact when he worked with a man who was gay a few years back he was suprised that he seemed just like a regular

I do have a habit of mothering people and many of my daughters friends call me "mum" or in the case of my nieces friends who have been here with my niece they call me "Aunty Jo" as well although often my niece will call me "mum" also............

I feel I was born to be a mother although it has not always come easy to me and had many times when I did not know how much more I could take and it seemed so hard and I felt like a failure as a mother...............yes there have been times even recently that I have felt like a failure but thankfully those times are few and far between.............

So what do I, compassion and that enough I don't know.


  1. You are a very loving and giving person. And anyone who is lucky enough to know you and receive those gifts from you is blessed. You have more patience than I could ever muster up and your love for your family shines though even if you're grumbling about them!! Hugs sweet lady.

  2. That's a good saying.
    It's good to be a mum and have others call u mum & Auntie....being a mother is gift.

  3. Oh!!! My dear Jo-Anne,
    I DO believe you are LOVING person. And GOOD LUCK for your everyday endeavor as a mom☆☆☆
    "Give others LOVE rather than wish from others" Is my understanding OK for the saying?
    I wasn't blessed with my own kids, but I felt SO LUCKY that teaching English for kids at home gave me a LOT of experiences or feeling of loving and caring others♡♡♡
    Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

  4. I'm not sure this is exactly what you meant, but.....
    Whenever I evaluate my life (NOTE: I have a LOT left as far as I'm concerned, though) with an eye toward how much of a success (or lack thereof) I've been, I look at my son and daughter and realize I did okay. They're my life's legacies.
    Or "what I scattered."
    Is that close?

  5. From reading your post I think we may have a lot in common.
    I also try not to judge others and my kids friends know this and call me mom and hang out at my house all the time. I think men have more of an issue with this. They seem to watch, evaluate and toss what they consider undesirable people based on behavior or biased whereas women try to save anything that appears to need saving haha. Thanks for stopping by.. I will be following..

  6. More than enough I would say my friend! You are an awesome mum and grandma and you do so much for them. Your love for your family always shines through in your posts.

  7. Compassion is what we need more of in this world! Your family and friends are really lucky to have you in their lives.
    Blessings, Joanne

  8. Hi Mynx

    Thanks pleased you liked it.

    Hi Barb

    Thanks yeah I do love my family and feel that I can grumble about them becuase I love them so much....

    Hi Whiteangel

    Yes I do love being a mum

    Hi Orchid

    Yes I do love to share my love around my family and even amongest those I am not related too....Yes your understanding is good.......

    Hi Al

    Yes that is close enough more then close enough it is when we look at how our children have turned out that we often feel the most proud....

    Hi Craziness

    I agree with your comment it is a womans nature to save what we can...

    Hi Thisisme

    Thank you I am one of those women who is always doing for their family.

    Hi Joanne

    Thank you I do love my family even if they have a habit of driving me around the bend.......

  9. absolutely! i think you must scatter love everywhere you go. i feel your love every time you visit and comment on my posts.

    anyone can be a mother (just look at the pitiful examples out there) but it takes someone special to be a mom (mum). i think you fit that bill.

  10. Teresa

    You are so right there are some terrible mothers out there I was lucky to have a great one who taught me how to be a mother. Thank you for your kind words about me.


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