Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Love is not a Rubik’s cube. You can’t manipulate it into position. You can’t outwit it. You can’t really hope to understand it. Yet it’s the thing that gives life the most depth and meaning. It is what we should celebrate most and reach for as much as we can.

Sharing the love around, doesn’t mean there's less to offer each person or for you to get. Our capacity to give and receive love is limitless.

Does this sound right to everyone? 

Sometimes it amazes me that my children have at time acted like because I am give one daughter a lot of attention then I am taking something away from them, if a daughter is in need of more of my attention than their sisters at any given time then I will give them what I feel they need.

Now all my girls are mothers but they each only have one child and I think when they have more children they will start to truly understand how a parent can love more than one child the same. Now I will not say that I do not have a stronger connection with daughter more than the others but that doesn’t mean I love that daughter more than her sisters.

Hubby has a stronger connection with two of our daughters then I do so I guess it all good well it is in my opinion.

I am also lucky that I am able to say that after 28yrs together I am still in love with my husband and do not like to think of life without him. Yes I will often complain and bitch about him but I’m allowed to because I love him…………………….


  1. That's a lovely post about love today, Jo-Anne. As you say, we can moan about our husbands sometimes (which, surely, is only natural) but it doesn't mean that we don't love them. My eldest daughter was seven when my second little girl was born, and the instant she was born, I had just as much love for her as well, and the same goes for my three grandchildren. Obviously, our supply of love is limitless, because there is also the love that we have for our friends. Good post

  2. Love is sweet,
    Love is kind,
    Love is hard to describe, you have done well Jo-Anne.

  3. I am the oldest of 4 girls and at different times we have all needed our parents more/less/equally and there has never been a time where I questioned whether or not my parents cared for me as they did my other siblings. I don't have kids, nor do I plan to, but I know without doubt that I am loved just as much as my sisters. I know because while I may have a stronger bond with one sister over another I love them all equally. There is no limit to love when it comes to family.

  4. Oh, Jo-Anne.
    I am not sure my experience applies to your country or a lot younger generation.(haha, I'm 56 this Sep.)
    I had a brother who died last year and we are the only siblings. As a Japanese tradition, my mother expected me to do many chores for me (and taught me a lot which I appreciat her SO much now).
    Although I liked being in the kitchen with her, I had thought it kind of unfair at times that seeing her make him no house-chores.
    It took me a while that it is not the unbalanced love because she tried hard to teach me a lot.
    I agree with the idea that LOVE is LIMITLESS.
    Blessing to all of your family,
    Love and Hugs xoxo, Orchid.

  5. I remember when I was pregnant with my second child wondering how I would ever love him as much as I love my Meaghan. The minute he was born I felt complete and knew that my love for him was just as strong as it is for her.. Different but the same. As for hubby's I have not been married as long as you have by far but I can say that I love him dearly and more every day. It's amazing how we think we know and understand love before marriage and kids but when they come along we realize that previously we had just touched the tip of the iceberg. I'm sorry you have migraines. It is something I totally understand and feel your pain. I hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Not having children, it's hard for me to know this feeling. Having said that, I have witnessed it in my family through my parents and grandparents.

  7. I enjoyed my visit with you and reading your love thoughts. Nothing like unconditional love.

  8. Hi Thisisme

    I am happy that you and others have liked this post, yep I also think it is only natural to moan and groan about our husbands and it's because we love them we feel we can.....

    Hi Whiteangel

    Thanks for dropping by yep love is hard to describe

  9. Hi Jewels

    Yeah the love we feel for our siblings is special I know the love I have for my siblings is.........

    Hi Orchid

    I have one brother and he was/is mums favorite and he seemed to get away with doing nothing around the house were as us girls we had to help with the house work. Love is hard to describe and it is limitless

    Hi Craziness abounds

    Yep it is when we have more then one child we realise just how much love we have to spread around.......
    teenagers seem to think they are in love every few days and often have no idea what love really is.......

    Hi George

    Not haveing children doesn't mean a person can not understand how much love they have but it is just that often it is when we have children that many of us do understand it, some of us do not need children to understand it.

    Hi LV

    So happy you enjoyed this post....

  10. I love the way you write about your love for your family. Love makes the world go round.

  11. Funny, I don't find this with my sons so much, but I do believe daughters tend to feel slighted easily from what I've seen.
    I do hope I raise them all believing I had plenty of love to go around.

  12. A lovely post about Love - I love that! I have one daughter and one son and I love them equally.
    Very nice post indeed :-)

  13. Hi Diane

    Yeah my family are very important to me and I am pleased you like the post.

    Hi Green Girl in Wisconsin

    Yep I have been told before that boys do not seem to have sibling jealousy.

    Hi Eva Marie

    Love is easy to spread around well it is for me......

  14. Hi Jo-Anne,
    This is a very thoughtful and profound post. I especially like the sentiments expressed in the first two paragraphs. I only have one child and so have never had to deal with jealousy between my children. I am lucky to be able to lavish lots of love and attention on my son. My husband and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary yesterday. I still love him after all the years together.

  15. Great post! I guess all kids think that Mom loves someone else best!
    Blessings, Joanne

  16. Hi Jen

    I believe some people are only ment to have one child it is just the way things are........

    That is great to hear you still love your husband

    Hi Joanne

    Yeah it comes with having more then one child........



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