Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Annoying Words

What is something that your children say/do that annoys you the most?

For me it's a couple of things one is when they say the words "I'm so hungry" this really annoys me as if there is no food in the house when what they really meant was that there was nothing in the house they wanted to eat. What they wanted was for me to go out and buy them Macca’s or KFC and I had said NO find something in the house to eat. Usually after a lot of complaining and moaning they would pick something in the house to eat.  I use to say to them that they had no idea what being really hungry was as there was always food in the house to eat, now they are all mothers they get it and two now have children old enough to complain about being “so hungry” when all they really want is ice cream or lollies……………lol

 The other thing they would say that really bothered me was that we were “poor”  these girls had no idea what poor was they had a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs food in their tummies  along with material possessions such as  televisions and vcr’s  in their rooms. Ok they never head video game consuls such PlayStations but so what.

The final thing that they have said that really upsets me is that they “hate me” ok when they were little I got it that they didn’t really understand how hurtful those words are to a parent and even though I was upset I didn’t take it to personally as they were young. However when those words are said to you by your 25yr old daughter then it does hurt a hell of a lot and she doesn’t get why it hurt and why I find it harder to move on and get over it…………………………


  1. You do good, don't buy them junk food:) They won't get used to it and when they grow up, they'll see it's not that good. Ha.
    Oh my, I never said to my mum that I hate her:/ She makes me angry sometimes, I make her too probably but these words wouldn't get through my throat. I'm 25 too. She surely doesn't mean it if she just sais it matter of factly. Maybe when she hears it from her own kids she'll understand though of course I don't wish it to her:)

  2. Drop kick your daughter off the front porch. If she hates you so much, let her fend for herself. Is it that you don't keep the right food on hand? Or don't you care for her child the right way? Or is it that you just don't wait on her avery minute.

  3. Have you told her how hurtful she has been and how will she feel if her child says it to her when it is grown up.

  4. i totally agree with you on all accounts they other thing that annoys me is hearing kids yell shut up to one another i mean really can't we be nice and say please be quiet but then i guess they are just kids

  5. I get annoyed when my family says they are "starving". I tell them when they go without food for days then they can say that. Its amazing; they open up the fridge and they see NO food and miraculously when I open it up the fridge is full of food. UGH!
    Blessings, Joanne

  6. GotThatSwing

    Yeah I do wish her to ever hear it from her child but I think if she did she would soon realise how hurtful it is to hear from a child who you love so much..........


    I have no idea what it is that I do that makes her say the things she does although often I do feel that I can do nothing right were she is concern.


    Yeah I have told her but she said she didn't care that I was hurt which hurt even more.


    Yeah shut up it wasn't something I said to my siblings when I was younger damn I don't say it to them even now I have more respect for them.


    Yep if the had to go without food for days on end or had no idea where their next meal was coming from then the would be staving but just because there is nothing in the house they feel like doesn't mean they are staving...........

  7. I have witnessed these types of things with nieces and nephews and it never ceases to amaze me that they don't appreciate what they have. I'll have to get back to you in a few years about my children, when that all happens.



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