Sunday, 28 August 2011

More about the photos

Hi all I have decided that instead of repling to each comment about my last post I would write a new post and tell you a little more and answer  the question that Diane asked me about who is in the photos...............

Well the first one of course is of my parents who have been married for 50yrs my mum is 71yrs old and looks really good and my dad is 69 in October and I think they both look really good and nothing like some people who are the same age do............this is a photo of my mum at her 70th and my Aunty Pat at her 70th maybe it is just me but I think my mum looks better then Aunty Pat.

The others in the photos are my brother David, my sister Jeannie in the purple top who is 6yrs younger then me next to me is my sister Sue who is 7yrs younger then me then next to her is our baby sister Sandra who is 15yrs younger then me and of course David is the baby of the family he is 16yrs younger then yeah I am the oldest at 48.

It is good to know I am not the only one who doesn't like how they look in photos but I guess it is only to be expected as we are our own biggest critic. I do like the one of me and mum together I think it is the best one with me in it and I can only hope that when I am her age I look as good.

Everyone who has seen the one of my parents think it is just so great you can tell they are still in love after 50yrs together...............


  1. Your Mom and Aunt Pat look lovely - I would say it is a tie for neither looking anywhere close to 70. Beautiful.

  2. It has been lovely meeting your family, Jo-Anne.

  3. thanks for sharing your photos

  4. Lovely post, thank you for sharing your photos.
    Have a nice Sunday!

  5. Great photos of your family. Nice you can all get together in one shot. That will never happen with my family anymore. So sad isn't it?

  6. Hi Skippy

    Thanks for that I wish I had a photo of my Aunty Vicky who really looks old and she is younger then my

    Everyone Else I am glad you liked the photos............

  7. So you are the big sister that is a responsibility. You look a very happy family. And your mum and dad have done so well to bring up so many lovely children.

  8. Hi Diane

    Yes being the first born comes with a lot more responsibility then being the last born.........

  9. What a great idea! I love it! Pictures can be so confusing and you did great explaining them all.

  10. Craziness abounds

    Pleased to hear you liked that I explained whos who in the photo.....


    Yeah I love the photos of my mum and aunty Pat



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