Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Tuesday already........................

Today is cold and wet again the type of day where I don't want to go anywhere but alas that wasn't the case after getting up at 8am and ironing Tim's work shirts my mum sends me a text asking if I wanted to go to the nursing home with her and of course I said I would.........so we have been over and seen nan, she look ok she was in one of the big blue chairs sleeping which is what she does most of the time now days.

I want to say thank you for all the well wishes I am feeling better now still have a headache but not as bad and I am still able to do stuff.

Now I am home and it feels like I am home alone although I am not as Tim is in bed sleeping he worked last night and I have no idea when he got home but do know that I have to wake him at midday. When I got back from the nursing home Jessica and Leo had gone out her car is here so she must have gone out with her sister. So the house is nice and quite and it feels good not to have Leo running around making a heap of noise.

Today feels like Monday yesterday being a puplic holiday has thrown me out a bit I don't know why maybe because I went over to my parents place for lunch yesterday instead of on Sunday.........

Now for some family news my grandson Blain is going to have a half brother or sister/ new cousin as his father and his father's girlfriend are having a baby and since his father's girlfriend is his mother's cousin the new baby will be also be his cousin...............can you get your head around that.


  1. I guess it is better then getting an Aunt AND a stepmother in the same trick. Weird, but I suppose weirder things have happened. :)

    Glad you had a quiet holiday. And I think your comment worked - A, N & B came back! :grin:


  2. Hi Skippy

    Life and families can be strange......

  3. glad you're feelin better and congrats on the baby. that one's not so complicated! my mama married my dad's sisters exhusband so my 1st cousins were my step-siblings..........aint small town drama fun? LOLOLOL

  4. Glad to hear that you are feeling a little better now. Families get very complicated now, don't they, which is a shame really. My friend is a teacher up in London, and they had to stop making Family Trees, because the children were saying things like, "oh, is he your dad now. He used to be my dad!" Glad you had a quiet day yesterday. Fortunately, it is warm and sunny today here in Devon, and I am having a very relaxing day after all the activity of the weekend. Take care.

  5. wow that was a litttle sonfusing but i think i got it kind of like that story "i'm my own grandpa". any ways glad you are feeling better.


    Everyday Life

  6. glad you are feeling better. it's freezing here too. i finally found my gloves this morning so will have warm hands on the way to work. car is like a fridge first thing in the morning.

  7. Hi Tim

    Yeah small towns can be fun and not so small towns as can't say I live in a small town although it does have the feel of a small town at times.....
    well to me it does........

    Hi Thisisme

    Yes familes are complicated now days gone are the days when children had one set of parents their whole life now step and half siblings are the norm.......many of my daughters freinds find it amazing that their parents are still together and are happy.......

    Hi Becca

    A little confusing, but as far as Blain is concerned the baby will be his little brother/sister not half sibling or cousin just brother/sister which I think is the way to go.......

    Hi Yevisha

    I am still looking for my gloves and think I may have to buy another pair.

  8. I'm still trying to get my head around the relationship thing, but a new baby is always cause for a joyful celebration ;) I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell this past week, but so glad to know you're on the mend again. Do make time to care for yourself...you're always so busy taking care of everyone else!!!

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo



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