Monday, 6 June 2011

In A Mood

Why is it that it is ok for my daughters and hubby to have times or days when they are just in a mood. The type of mood where they snap and snarl at everyone for no good reason but when I have a day when I am in a mood they all act like WTF mum why are you in a mood. If I say I do not know why I just am they are like that is not a good enough reason.

I am in one of those moods today, I have snapped at Leo a number of times so far this morning. He has been so annoying he had a packet of chips and he crumbled them up and tipped them all over the lounge room floor. Then he was playing with his trucks and decided that the trucks where fighting and he had them smashing into each other make a lot of noise.

All this carry on woke Sydney-May up, she was sleeping on the lounge room floor. She is sick today well in fact she has been sick for a few days now and all she wants to do is sleep or be nursed. I have managed to get her back to sleep and she is now in her cot.

I wish Leo could go out the back and play but the yard is in a right state and hubby always has an excuse for not getting in and cleanning it up and will not fork out the money to have someone else come and clean it up and cut the grass. When he does do the yard he has a terrible habit of only doing half of it then coming inside for a rest and not going back and finishing it.

I think part of Leo's problem is that he is bored with playing inside all the time and I do not blame him but sometimes I just get so frustrated with him climbing on the furniture and getting into everything he can...........

So why can I not have a day when I am in a mood.


  1. Dear Jo,

    I think because hubbys and kids think of moms as super moms :)

    that's why when moms are in the mood, it's a bit surprising for us and everybody coz...

    moms seem to be the best person to handle every situation and everything. ;)


  2. Hi Toni Rose

    Yeah that sounds about right, I just ended up dressing Leo because his mother was getting all bent out of shape becasue he was to busy watching telly to watch where he was putting his feet........

  3. Well, you have double duty - you have your kids and your grandkids to raise and I would get a mood once and a while too.

    Hope Monday dawns brighter and you have a great week.

  4. Hi Skippy

    It is the end of a long day for me atm and I hope tomorrow morning I get to have a sleep in........Jessica just asked me if I would watch Leo while she goes out tomorrow for a bit and yes I said I long as she is not gone long.

  5. Yep everyone is shocked when Mum is in a mood. Like we don't have feelings. Is there a park close by where you can take Leo to burn off some energy and develop his gross motor skills?

  6. chin up Jo-Anne. you are entitled to have a mood now and again.

  7. because if you snap at the little ones and hurt their feelins it will make YOU sad! LOLOL stiff upper lip hon...............the sun'll come up tomorrow (sing LOUD and VERY off key!) lol

  8. Skippy hit the nail on the head. You have your hands full and you keep giving of yourself. You are entitled to have a bad day. Don't worry about what everyone else thinks. Do they care what everyone else things when they have a bad day? You a good person!

  9. Hi Jo-Anne. I agree with BB, you ARE a good person, and your family are very lucky to have you! Of course you're allowed to be in a mood. We all get them, don't we, when we're just looking for an argument!! Little boys don't like being cooped up for too long. I find that with my little grandson, who will be 3 at the end of June. I hope you manage to get some 'me' time sometimes my friend.

  10. i've always wondered that to now i make time for me 1hour a day to go for a bike ride i tell everyone mom needs to exercise to stay healthy but the truth it's an hour of total bliss just me, my ipod and an open road.

    Everyday Life

  11. Hi Diane

    There is a park nearby and his mother will take him somedays but there are a lot of days she just wants to stay in bed with her headphones on and listen/watch something on her Ipad....

    Hi Yevisha

    A new day has dawned and I am feeling a little better, so far so good.

    Hi Tim

    I use to sing every single day but haven't done it in years. Today is a beautiful cold morning.

    Hi Barb

    Heres hoping today will be better then yesterday, honestly it couldn't be much worse thankfull yesterday is over and today is a beautiful cold

    Hi Thisisme

    Yeah I know little boys hate being coped up which is why I love the fact that he goes to day care 3 days a week. If my back yard didn't look like jungle maybe he would go outside more often. That and if it wasn't so cold outside he doesn't seem to like the cold much and has often gone outside and after a short while he will come back inside saying it's too cold.

  12. Can you send me your email - I don't have it and I can't respond to you [I understand if you don't want to, no worries]

    And I promise a "s'mores" post just for you. They are chocolate, graham crackers and melty marshmellow. YUM

    skippyaveo @ gmail . com [take out the spaces and you can email me if you like. Thanks.

  13. Hi Skippy

    I have emailed you my email address


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