Sunday, 12 June 2011

A day or two in bed

Hi all here I am on a very wet Sunday morning watching Little Leo while his mum sleeps and while hubby sleeps in too. Now I know many of you are thinking nothing new there Jo-Anne you do that all the time, true.......................however I still have a migraine after taking strong pain relief I am just managing to sit and do nothing.

This migraine started yestetday morning and I did spend most of yesterday in bed after going shopping with Kathy-Lee I didn't want to let her down again and have her pissed off with me again so I sucked it up and went.

When I got home I went back to bed and stayed there till I got up this morning when Kathy rang to see if I was still going over to help her hang photos, when I started to say that I still have a headache she got the shits and said don't worry about it mum and hung up........oh well she will get over girls find it hard to understand that a migraine can last longer then one day.

I will be going back to bed soonish and getting Jessica up to look after Leo I am in a lot of pain but as long as I do not have to move or think about anything I am ok. Will do a bit of blog reading and commenting before I go back to bed though.


  1. I think you need a good couple of days away from it all at a spa or something. To be pampered, massaged, rested, relaxed and waited on hand and foot. That's my wish for you!!

  2. Ditto what BB said and it sucks how people don't understand pain unless they are in it themselves.
    I hope you feel better soon.

  3. feel better sweetie! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. Hope you don't have that migrane for long..I expect bright light bothers you as well..
    Hope you soon get rid of it.

  5. Get well soon lovely lady. Migranes suck. Hugs xx

  6. Hi All

    Thanks for the well wishes it's now Monday morning and I am feeling much better still have a slight headache but at least I am up and out of bed...

  7. i've had a migraine twice before and wouldn't wish that on anyone...glad your feeling a bit better now. :)

  8. Both my Mum & husband suffered from migraines and so I have great empathy for anyone who suffers from them. You do of course know it's a sign of super intelligence, don't you ;) Only those who are gifted with superior brains get them! :)


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