Saturday, 25 June 2011

No Rest For The Wicked or Me..............

What a few days I have had feel like I have not had more then 5 minutes to myself uninterupted, been doing the laundry and other housework while trying to read blogs and of course it is me who has been taking Leo to day care and picking him up in the afternoon. Also went with mum to see my nan as per usual and then on Thursday went to help mum with her monthy shop which takes a while as we spend a lot of time talking.

The Fridays are my shopping days so and I am gone from 8am till around 2pm I usually try to spend a couple of hours blogging but yesterday when I get home I can not get online, now my internet does have a habit of dropping out so nothing new there. While I am trying to get the internet to work I try to check and see if there are messages on 101, for those who have no idea what that is it's like message bank on my home phone but it is free anyway I go to do that and I have no dial the phone is not working and if the phone is not working then I have no internet.............bugga

I ring my mum and get her to ring and report my not working phone around 2 hours later my house phone rings it's Telstra telling me my phone is now working and will I check that I can ring out and get online, which I do and all good so now we have a happy Jo-Anne. I decide to check me emails and then do some blogging but alas by the time I check me emails hubby is home from work and it is time for me to go and get Leo but hubby shocks me when he said he would go and get Leo while I start tea.
So no blogging till after tea but by the time I cook tea the eat tea and clean up the kitchen but by then I am so tired I just want to sit and watch today if I get interupted ever half hour I will be pissed off.
Ok I started this two yes two hours ago and had to stop to take Jessica's car back to the car yard as the back drivers side door is not locking. Then I had to get clothes off the line and then peg more on the line then unpack the dishwasher and then of course repack stuff in it and of course I had to put the clean clothes away and I just had to stop typing while I peel spuds to make home made chips for Jessica and at some point today I will have to tidy up and sweep out, I don't have a vaccum cleaner which is ok I don't mind useing the broom I think it does a better job too.

I also just had to pop out to the shops to buy more spuds and some snags for tea and when I told Jes that I wanted to not to be interupted for awhile so I can do some blogging she just gave me a look.....................Oh well I am here now and after hitting publish I will be reading some blogs and leaving my comments you all look forward to reading and if you do not look forward to reading my comments please do not tell me so it will make me sad.............:(


  1. We love to see your comments Jo - sorry you @re working so h@rd to t@ke c@re of the growns - thought they were grown up now - You're the most wonderful Mom! :)

  2. you do sound busy. it's important to take time for yourself but it's not always possible. home made chips sound good. i haven't had them for ages :)

  3. Hi Skippy

    Thanks for the kind words and yeah my girls are grown but still seem to be useless when it comes to do so many things......I ended up watchin Leo while his mother went to Sydney for the day.........

    Hi Yevisha

    Busy seems to be my name most days, and I have been making home made chips a lot latey.....

  4. Yes, we certainly do look forward to reading your comments! I felt exhausted just reading your blog post. You were so busy there, and I agree with Skippy, you are a wonderful mum. I haven't had home made chips for years! Oh, and I loved that little picture at the start of your post about women being like phones. Hee Hee!

  5. wow you are a busy girl and don't stress as much as i love your comments if you don't always make it over it's ok i know you have a family to tend to.

  6. Hi Thisisme

    Glad you like the pic with post I think home made chips are really nice I don't mind cooking them I just hate peeling the spuds for them.

    Hi Becca

    I have not being getting stressed as much lately and good to know my comments on your blog are welecomed....

  7. oh, i love your comments. it's nice of you to take the time to leave them, especially with how damn busy you are! thanks!

  8. Hi id

    Thanks I love dropping in at different blogs and giving my two cents worth.........even when I am busy....



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