Tuesday, 7 June 2011

2 Tablets not 1

Yesterday I was telling you all about me being in a mood well last night I figured out what was causing me to be in a mood............I have been out of one of anti depression tablets for over a week and that is the cause.

When I mentioned this to both hubby and Jess I was told to go and get my tablets and my response "with what" I have no money and can't afford to get them and Jess said she would pay. She has however gone out this morning and I do not know when she will be home so no idea when I am to go and get my medication unless I take Little Leo wtih me.........mmmmmmmmm what to do............

I take two different tablets for my depression and really do need both one just one I am ok for a few days but the longer I go without my second tablet the worse I get..............without the one I am out of I get moody if I go without the other one I end up crying all the time..........

So in order to funtion like a somewhat normal/sane woman I have to take both of them.....................


  1. Oh noess

    i feel so saddened to find out that you have to depend on medication... :/


    hope that could cheer u a little!

  2. Likewise, I am sorry that you have to take this medication. I hope you manage to get your pills soon, and that you will start to feel much brighter again. Sending big hugs to you my friend.

  3. Hi Toni & Thisisme

    It is what it is I accept I have to take this medication and I am not bothered by it. I should get my medication tomorrow although it takes around 3 days for me to feel better.

  4. So sorry to hear that you ran out. I understand that you have to take them, but to be honest - I don't get moody very often but your past few days would've done me in. I don't think it was so much the lack of medication [although I don't know] but moreso a lack of appreciation and taking advantage of you on behalf of your kids. [Did that make sense]

    I hope you get them soon and you feel better. Hugs to you. :)

  5. From one person who takes anti-depressents to another...that must be a priority for yourself. Without them you are only making yourself suffer more than you are anyone else in the house. There's a reason why they work over time and you can't just stop them. Hope you get them soon! Hugs!!

  6. Hi Skippy

    Yeah that does make sense, I was losing it mostly when Leo would not behave and his mother just sits in her room with headphones on watching her I Pad. This morning I was trying to get him to eat his breakfast and not jump on the furniture and found myself yelling and screaming but did his mother get up to help nooooooooo.
    But of course I was the one in the wrong....

    Hi Barb

    I will be getting my medication this afternoon and in a few days will be feeling better.......I usually do not let myself run out and for the love of me have no idea how I managed to run out....

  7. hugs sweetie from one gal to another who has to take medication to be well please take care of yourself.

    Everyday Life

  8. Hi Becca

    I will or at least I will try......lol



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