Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Not Dinking

It a good thing I have a bloody headache tonight and don't feel much like drinking as bossy boots aka Lucas has reminded me that I told him I wouldn't have anything to drink until after I pick him and Tasha up tonight. However I didn't realise that it would after midnight when they would want to be picked up he said around 12.20am they should be ready to come home.

Jessica has told me if I decide to have something to drink she will go and get them but I will have to go with her as she doesn't know where his sister lives.

I do have to say I feel like I am drinking as I am drink Pepsi Max out of a wine glass, we had no clean glasses so unlike my hubby who would just complain and whinge about there being no clean glasses.


  1. lol...
    Ilove how honest you are Jo-anne....

    Maybe bossy boots needs to find his own way

    Tonight i`m drinking with all my friends...On the

    Just hope I don`t get a sore head tomorrow....

    Have a great New Year Jo-anne...

  2. What a great idea Jo-Anne. Pepse Max out of a wine glass shows real class....

    It has been some years since I have had to stay awake to pick up kids. I do not miss it at all.

    Hope the new day of the new year has been relaxing and restful for you. You certainly deserve that..

  3. Hi Mandy

    If it was just him I would have told him to walk home but since it was Tasha also I felt like I had to go and get them

    Hi Chez

    I do like to drink my soft drink out of a wine glass makes me feel like I'm drinking even when I'm not.
    Had a great New Years day.

  4. Pepsi out of a wine glass is a good idea. Bill will have to do that as wine keeps making his heart beat funny.



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