Sunday, 14 December 2008

Money Issues

I have one very selfish daughter on Friday while at breakfast I asked her if she would give me $10 a week just for me and before I could say any more she started.

She works 2 jobs and I have none and she works hard for her money and why should she give it to me it's not her fault I do nothing.....Well my sisters Jeannie and Sandra where there and both of them had something to say about it, which of cause she didn't like and she ended up walking away and not talking to me for a while.

I had planned to tell her that even though she gives me $50 a week for food she reckons she never eats any of the food so not to bother doing that any more and just give me the $10 for me. Well when I did eventually tell her that she said fine but I'm not giving you the $10 I don't see why I should, however if you need something just ask and I will get it for you.......Like I want to do that ask my daughter to buy stuff for me.

Sandra told mum and mum rang here and talked to Tasha about me wanting $10 for myself and about how Kathy reacted,well Lucas lost it with Kathy and went off his head about her being selfish.I was expecting to have Tasha complain she can't afford to give me money also which is why my mum said something to her and I think the only reason she hasn't complain is Lucas.

So now Tasha said she will give me $10 one week and Lucas will give me $10 the next week and Jessica said she will set up an automatic transfer from her account for me. Jessica was the only one I knew I wouldn't have a problem with.

Tim sided with Kathy saying he didn't understand why I need to have money and told me if I want money all I have to do is ask like I want to do that but I am going to do it as I know it will drive him mad and piss him off me asking for money all the time.


mandy said...

Jo-anne if your kids are only paying you $50 a week for board then they are getting out of it very cheap....It was $50 when I was a kid....
Now a days the going rate for kids living at home with their parents is $100 per week.....

Any wonder you are finding it hard to make ends meet....

If I were you I would definitely re evaluate their board.....

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

My daughter don't give me anything for board it was only Kathy giving me money for food and I told her not to give that to me as she does nothing but complain she doesn't eat the food I buy so now all I am asking is $10 a week but that is too much for her.

They don't seem to get how good they have it here, I told them they don't have to pay any more so they can save to move out.

However Natasha has just gone and got another tattoo costing $220. They have money for every other stupid thing but not to save.

In the new year if I don't see them saving more I will have to tell them that I will be increasing their board.

Although I have to say that I know Tasha has saved a bit since moving home but she can do better and I know Jes wants to concentrate on paying off her dad which is ok with me.

Chez said...

Evening Jo-Anne
I made it here!
'The King's' daughter moved in with a family and pays them $150 per week. Maybe your girls could try that! Claire says she is still able to save money and I believe her.
Seems to be lots of stress for you at the moment.
Please remember to take care of you.
Is it OK if we catch up in the New Year and I will get the card off you?
You take care. Know that I am thinking of you

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Chez

Yes it will be ok if we get together in the new year. I am to soft for my own good when it comes to my girls and I know it but I will be expecting more from them in the new year and not just when it comes to money but other things as well. I will me making them pull their weight around the house more.

If they don't like it they can move out.

diane said...

Jo-Ann, you are too kind to those girls and it might not be a sensible "kind", because if they get too easy living with you and they are not saving for their own place then they may never learn to be self sufficient. It will be good for them and you if you review their board or their saving habits in the new year.
Maybe you could say they have to either pay you $100 for board or put it into a savings account, which they can't access until they have reached their target.
Good luck and think of No.1.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...


Sounds like a good idea to me I will be making a lot of changers in the new year.

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