Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas


Well I had a great day hope everyone else did as well, I did have a few drinks but I didn't get drunk well I don't think I

Tim is off work for a couple of weeks now hope he doesn't drive me crazy, he is going to Sydney tomorrow to see his mother as he is planning to ride his bike I will not be going with him.

Every year Tim has a habit of complain that he didn't get presents as good as my dad although he forgets that dad just lets mum and go and get him what ever she wants and she doesn't have to explain to him what she spent the money on,unlike me with Tim. This year he didn't but when he spoke about what I got him he seemed to talk more about what didn't come with the camera instead of the positive things about it. I gave him a digital video camera.

Although he had to complain that I bought a lot of grog and he didn't get any of it but I had told him a number of times that now that I have given out what I wanted to as Christmas presents he can have what he wants as what is left over is ours.

My girls seemed to be happy with their gifts which made me happy.


Anonymous said...

Tim complains about your gifts? He controls what you give for gifts and spend on gifts? He gives you a gift card because----after 24 years of marriage---he does not know what to get for you? Sounds to me like he is a world class control freak. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Is Tim so insecure that he controls your every move? Does he ever do something nice----just for you? What do you have to do in order to give him a gift that he'll appreciate----just because you gave it. You are such a kind, caring, loving individual----you just do not deserve the shit you continually take from your family.

mandy said...

Morning Jo-anne....Glad to hear you had a lovely day spent with the family....Honestly I`m glad the day is over....The stress levels are through the roof and now i`ve broken out with a cold sore...Just
It`s hard to please everyone all of the time...I think the gift you gave Tim is marvellous...Maybe he has just forgotten how to see the good in everything...

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Hi Mandy and Whoever

I think Mandy is right Tim has forgotten how to see the positive side of things he is NOT a control freak he just doesn't know how to show his feelings very well....well not the good ones only the negative ones.

As for him not knowing what to buy me I gave him a list but he left it to Christmas Eve and then it was to crowded for him so he took the easy way out. It's ok I will get myself a new electric frypan, not romantic but needed.

Chez said...

Hi Jo-Anne
I am so sorry that Tim was unable to do better with his gift giving. How lucky was he to receive such a special gift from you.
I would like to share with you tomorrow's Daily Teaching from 'The Secret'
Look for the gift in everything, especially what appears to ba a negative situation. Everything that we attract causes us to grow, which means that ultinmately everything is our our own good.
'The King' and I do not exchange gifts however he buys things as he needs them and helps me out with the big things like the new computer that I am just about to order.

diane said...

Glad you had a nice day. So did I.

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