Saturday, 27 December 2008

Seeing Tim Happy

Guess what my darling hubby has been fishing he went yesterday and is planning to go again tomorrow afternoon, this is great he went with Lucas and said he enjoyed himself.

He also went to Sydney yesterday by himself to see his mother and step father, he rode his bike so I couldn't go even if I had wanted to. He told me that he really enjoyed the trip to Sydney it seems so odd to hear Tim say he enjoys himself as it has been so long since he has said it.

Christmas day he also seemed to be enjoying himself although at one point he looked like he was getting annoyed as my brother was stirring the shit out of him but me and Sandra pointed out that it's because Dave sees him as a brother that he does it. Dave love to stir the shit out of his siblings and as far as Dave is concerned that includes Tim.

He even gave me half the money his mother gave him for Christmas and yes I had told him I wanted half but I didn't really expect him to give it to me so that was a nice surprise.


  1. Its nice to have a happy man.

  2. Jo-Anne things are looking good for you. Will keep my fingers crossed that it continues..

  3. When our men are happy we are happy...
    Now if only we could bottle


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