Thursday, 18 December 2008


Man has it been hot here the last couple of days which wouldn't be to bad if my darling daughter Natasha would leave the air con on but she is a strange one says she is cold and will walk around with a jacket on in 30 degree heat.

Yesterday my niece Kelli who is 14 went and got a tattoo on her shoulder it is of a skull with a knife through it and blood drops, it looks cool. Her father went with her to get it done so she did have his permission, however, her mother is not happy about it.

I think my sister is annoyed with me as I said it looked cool and she thinks I am encouraging her but I am really just supporting her. Kelli is a strong willed girl who will not be told what to do or how to act so I like to support and let her know that I am here for her and that I love her just the way she is.

I understand Sue is worried that she will regret getting it done but Kelli has to make her own mistakes in life, if she regrets it then she will just have to always where something that covers it. Yes it is a large tattoo but it is what Kelli wanted, Kelli also has a number of piecings 10 in fact and that is just the type of girl she is. I don't know if you can understand that I don't see the piecings when I look at her I just see her and I think she is a strong beautiful girl. I think of her like a fourth daughter.


  1. awww thats my sisy shes the best =)

  2. I love your attitude towards your neice. Unconditional love.
    I think I would prefer to see a butterfly or dophin.

  3. arww aunty jo, i feel amazed that you posted a blog about me and my new love, my tattoo.
    thankyou for being so excepting of the person i am, and just supporting me, letting me make my own decisions in life, your amazing! i dont think i would of been able to put up with my mothers hurt/disappointment if you werent there when i told her.
    thanking you heaps aunty jo!
    and to your friend who commented,
    if she knew me and my style,
    id never get a butterfly tattoo
    and although dolphins are an awesome mammal, id never get it permanitly inked on me lol.
    love you xoxoxox

  4. Heather.......Your sister is the best have to agree with you there.

    Diane.....As Kelli said a butterfly is just not her her tattoo may not be what a lot of people would think it appropriate but it is who Kelli is.

    Kelli....I am happy you approve of this blog you know I love you just the way you are.

  5. Hi Jo-Anne......your blog has disappeared over at bigblog..... have you deleted it?

    I havent been around much lately so am missing all the activity....and the "Sassy" here is a different Sassy!

    All the best for Christmas....Kim

  6. Hi Kim

    This is my new blog address.

  7. Evening Jo-Anne

    I think Kelli says it all.

    Well done to you...

  8. Each to their own I say....Personally it`s not my style but i love tattoo`s....

    Have a great Christmas Jo-anne

  9. The little girl is too young and inexperienced to be allowed to mutilate herself permanently. Her care givers should re-examine their values. What will that tatoo look like in 30 years---AND what type of partners will appreciate it?

  10. To Anonymous

    Why is it so hard for you to leave a name?

    Do you know Kelli? I don't think so.

  11. Reply to..ANONYMOUS,said
    A little birdie told me.. U live in a GLASS house too, & u HAVE A PET.. (DOG)

    P.S.. It"s EASIER for kids to GROW up. IF THIER parents do FIRST.

    Try smilin its GUD, for.. wrinkles..

    U.. WOULD LOOK GUD WIF A.. tat.. ON YAH.. head..666


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