Friday, 2 January 2009

Bloody Carparks

Today I went shopping at Westfield Kotara and while I was driving in I came to a small round about well there where cars in front of me stopped, when the cars started moving and the second car in front of me didn't move so the young guy in front of me peeped his horn but the car still didn'tmove so the young guy yelled out move your car. At this point the old man in the stopped car got out and said "why am I here" the young guy said "I don't know why your here just move your car" to which the old man said "I can't move it I don't know how to drive".

The the young guys attitude changed and he said are you ok mate then one of his mates got out of the car and said "I will move the car" and another young guy said I will go find security. So they move the car out of the way and I was able to get past.

Then while I was looking for a parking spot I asked an old woman who was packing her car if she was leaving she looked at me and I said I don't mind waiting but then she said no I'm not. Well as I drove off I my phone rang so I pulled over and talked to my daughter just as I hung up I looked in my rear view mirror and guess what the old lady was leaving.

So I got out of my car and stood in front of her car as she tried to drive past and said to her why did you say you were not leaving I don't understand why people say that I didn't mind waiting, she just looked at me and said nothing.


  1. car parks are murder during busy times. i got stuck in the car park around christmas, traffic just wasn't moving. no parks. it was hot and horrible. people are so rude. poor old man with dementia (spelling?). sad isn't it? Fran

  2. Hi Fran

    When I saw the old man it made me think about my grandmother who has dementia. Years ago this type of thing happened to her she was driving to the hairdressers and forgot where she was going and just drove around for ages before she managed to get to the hairdressers after that my grandfather said she wasn't allowed to drive any more.

    Now she has good days and bad days, my mum goes and visit her every Wednesday and sometimes when pop says Mavis is coming today she thinks he is talking about her sister Mavis and in fact sometimes will say I don't have a daughter Mavis, however she always remembers mum when she see her.

  3. Car parks, I hate how you always seem to get a ding in your car.
    have a happy New Year.

  4. Hi Diane

    Not a worry I have at the moment as I have no car.

  5. Oh the poor old man...I hope he got the help he needed....
    As for the old woman, what a
    I hated having to go to Westfield here...It was a nightmare....Apparently they have 5000 workers and only 7000 car parks...The workers had to park somewhere else to allow for the influx of shoppers....
    And yes some mongrel hit my car whilst parked...broke my drivers side mirror and didn`t bother to leave any details....
    Now that`s the Christmas spirit....

  6. Hi Mandy

    Yeah the woman got a shock when I got out of my car and started yelling at her. I was just so frustrated.



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