Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Living on thin Ice

I went and saw my counsellor yesterday it was good to talk to her; I have been doing a lot of thinking the last few days about how Tim has been.

He has black outs caused by his drinking and it isn't easy to deal with. I am so over his drinking and carrying on I wouldn't and don't mind if he drinks and doesn't get loud and abusive but as it is I can't tell from one weekend to a next how he is going to be.

Had another big fight here on Saturday night causing Jessica to leave with Leo and not come back till late when he was in bed. At the time he kept saying I didn't love him and I wanted a divorce which just pissed me off. When I tried to talk to him on Sunday about it he of cause didn't want to talk about it saying that was last night why bring it up now........so what did I do I brought it up at my parents place and we discussed it there but still not answers.

I am numb by it all and feel like I am at breaking point. I will try and talk to him again I want to tell him that I want him to show me he is willing to make some changes........like when I think he has had enough to drink if I say so he doesn't get abusive with me...lol…. don't see that happening.

Tim he can be fine for ages then for some reason he will go off his head. I feel like I am walking on ice wondering if the next step will cause it to crack.


  1. You asked me where Mt Tamborine is. It is in the hills at the back of the Gold Coast. It is about One hour's drive from Brisbane. It is cool and green up there but a winding road.
    Sorry to hear about your problems with T. I hope your Councillor can help you. I guess there is not much chance in T seeing a councillor for his drink problem. Is There?
    Hope next weekend is better for you.

  2. Gee Joanne, I'll bet that Tim would get a lot better if those girls of yours did something responsible----like raising their own children, getting their own homes, and started acting like adults. Unfortunatley producing babies doesn't mean one can provide a life for them. Tim faces 20 more years of chaos----just when he thought he's finished that.

  3. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Just been catching up on your blog news. My goodness me, you are in the wars. I do hope you get things sorted out for your sake, and you have time out for yourself.....

  4. Diane

    Thanks for that he has seen a counsellor twice and he says he is going back but I'm not holding my breath.


    Yes he maybe better if the kids where not here but they are and at the moment it isn't changing, also as my counsellor has said when it comes to the fights he has with Jes he is 47 and should be the adult as in some ways she is still a child. the girls will not be here for 20 years they should all be out sometime this year.


    I also hope things will be sorted out sometime soon as I don't know how much more I can take.

  5. Drinking is a hard thing to live with especially if you aren`t much of a drinker yourself....
    I hope for your sake you can find a happy medium with Tim and his drinking.....It`s not going to be easy especially as he has been doing it for so many years now....

  6. Mandy

    No not going to be easy has he doesn't really want to admit he has a problem. Some days he will admit to it then the next day he is in denial again.

  7. Jo-Anne, see that life is difficult for you at times.

    I do hope that you manage to get the help that you need and that hubby decided to take some responsibility for his drinking. Do you think he would benefit from Anger Management?

    Sending you my best wishes...

  8. sorry to hear of your troubles. i'm sending you some peaceful vibes, i hope it helps a little bit <3


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