Sunday, 4 January 2009

Bit of this bit of that

Today I didn't get to have my sleep in as Jess came in at 6.30am and asked me if I would get up and help her with Leo, I didn't realise at the time that meant me looking after Leo and her going back to bed. However since he is fine just playing and wondering around I don't mind but I will be getting her up and going back to bed myself in an hour or so. I am just so bloody tired had a late night thankfully she didn't wake me up during the night.

On Friday Natasha and Lucas left for a holiday they have gone to visit an old friend who lives somewhere near Casino, they will be back on Tuesday I think. I hope they have a good time although I know she will be missing Blain.

Yesterday I picked up a highchair of Freecycle for Leo it is in pretty good condition only problem is it doesn't fold up but it was free and I can live with that.


  1. hope you catch up on your sleep Jo-Anne. Fran

  2. Jo-anne your kids are lucky to have you and I hope they appreciate what you do for them....
    Now if that had of been me....Need I say

  3. Hi Jo-Anne..I am with Mandy. I do hope that your family appreciate the blessing that you are.

  4. Hi Fran, Mandy & Chez

    I did go back to bed for a while and last night I stayed at my parents place again but still Jess woke up at 2am because Leo was awake and she wanted to tell me that.

    I know they appreciate me even if at times they don't show it.



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