Monday, 5 January 2009

Staying With Dawson

I spent last night at my parents place again and today I am watching Dawson for his dad as he doesn’t want to go to his mothers.

His dad dropped him off at 7.30am but thankfully he didn’t wake me up, I didn’t get woken up till 9am by Jessica and Leo after getting up I asked Jess if she would go and buy Macca’s for us all which she did.

Last night she had a big fight with her dad and he told her she wasn’t parenting Leo right so she stormed out and wouldn’t go home again she ended up spending the night in a motel.

She said this morning that she doesn’t want to go home until I am there; I tried to tell her that her father worries about her and Leo but she didn’t want to listen.


  1. So is Dawson you nephew?

    I pictured you living a long way from Sydney, didnt realise you were riding distance (or did hubby ride and use the train?)

    Hope you are getting some nanna naps in.....Kim

  2. Hi Kim

    Yes Dawson is my nephew (David's son)and he can be a hand full as he is a moody child.

    I live in Newcastle so yeah a long way from Sydney, but my parents only live a 10 minute drive from me.

  3. You should start a child minding business and get rich, you certainly have the qualifications.
    Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

  4. This may sound harsh Jo-anne but maybe it`s time that Jessica starting listening to her parents...After all they do have some experience in raising children and lets face it , it doesn`t change over the generations.....

    How is Dawson going with his "moods".....Funny that`s what i say about Daniel also....Very moody child indeed is my

  5. Hi Mandy

    I would love it if Jessica would start listening to me and her dad but it is like hitting our heads against a brick wall.



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