Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I have my medication now and I am starting to slowly feel better although it will take a bit longer before I am back to normal.

Yesterday we bought a new DVD recorder the type that has a hard drive and it is great to be able to watch and record stuff on both foxtel and free to air. The new recorder is AWA brand and we got it from Big W only cost $255 so that made Tim happy.

Been getting more sleep as Jessica is getting up to Leo at night lately even though at times she gets upset and complains she is too tired to get up, I will get up once during the night to feed him and then I put him back to bed and if he cry again she has to deal with him.

Tomorrow is Natasha's 21st birthday....


  1. Glad to hear you`re feeling better...

    I love BigW I do most of my shopping there...

    Unfortunately that`s what happens when you have a new baby...Up at all hours until they find a regular sleeping pattern...

  2. Happy 21st to Natasha!!

    So glad you you were able to get your medication back on track. It is good you are starting to feel back to normal.

    I have one of those DVD hard drive recorders..they are terrific..except that I record everything and then have trouble getting around to watching it all!!LOL

    Hope mum and bub are coping ok

  3. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Happy to read you have your medication and taking it.
    We have a DVD with a hard drive too and I wouldn't have anything else.
    We don't have a Big W here where I live we were supposed to get one but NO it wasn't built and probably won't be for a long time.
    I hope Natasha had a lovely birthday.
    Take care,


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