Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Cost Of Living

I am so fed up with my husband and his tight ass ways, the last two weeks I have not had enough money when doing my food shopping. Last week I had our credit card in my bag and used it for the $30 I was short and when I came home and told my Tim he said give it here "you can't be trusted". On Friday when I did the shopping I had to use $30 of my petrol money and then I didn't get soft drink for me, or milk and bread. I sent hubby a text last night to tell him and when he came to bed he said to me "we will talk in the morning" but the way he said it was not nice.

I think if he starts on me when we talk later today I will tell him he can try doing the shopping instead if he thinks I am not doing a good enough job, I do only have $120 a week for food and there are 6 of us that I have to feed. Yes the girls do give me money for food no that's not right they go and do $50 worth of food shopping when they get paid themselves.

I know only have $20 this week for fuel and I owe my mum $20 which he doesn't know about and believe me he will have something to say about that.

I love him but I am just so over all this complaining about how I handle money.


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,
    I do hope you get the money situation sorted out with your husband. $120.00 is not much money to have to feed 6 people but then it depends on what you eat in your family.
    My husband always comes shopping with me so he knows where the money goes, but not all husbands can or want to do the shopping.
    I would send your husband to do it then he might know more about it.
    Money is always a problem for many people, and most of us have been through hard times at one stage or other in our lives.
    Take care,

  2. My god $120 for 6...Is he living back in the 90`s....There is 5 of us in our family with 2 very big eaters (the boys) and on one week I spend up to $160 and the following week at least $80.....

    Definitely send him out to do the shopping or at least go with you Jo-Anne because i`m afraid your hubby is living in a fantasy world....


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