Saturday, 9 February 2008


I have been very depressed and moody the last couple of weeks, I know the reason for this is because I haven't had my medication for over two weeks. In fact I have had times when everything seems so difficult and I have had moments of crying and wanting to be alone.

Tim did give me money for the medication but I some how managed to spend it on food instead. I will not ask him for more money as I don't want to hear him winge about me wanting money from him. I would rather be depressed then ask him for money.

He can be good about money at times but not very often.

I am writing this here as I don't want to hear or read comments from my sisters about how it is all my fault and that the world doesn't revolve around me. This is my blog and I will write whatever I want.


  1. That`s right , it is your blog Jo-Anne and heck we`re all entitled to feel down....
    I`m sure if you asked Tim though he would understand...You can`t go without your medication...

    Health is more important....

  2. Mandy is right ..your health is important.

    Its hard though, isn't mothers we do put oursleves last and I would have bought food too. Everything is just soooo expensive at the moment..

    Can you put a little away each week for the medicine without jepordising your health??

    and YEs this is your blog and you can b***** well write what you like!!

  3. As usual the girls are sooo right!! Write what you like hear!! DON'T get me started on family!! LOL
    Are these anti depressants? I was on them for a while and going on and off them gave me huge lows!!! (not highs though!! LOL)
    I have been feeling pretty low lately... I'm sort of indulging it, riding out the storm?
    I hope your feeling better?
    Sorry for neglecting you!

  4. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Gosh I hope you get the money soon to take your pills. To have ones health is one of the most important things in life, for health helps you to cope with the remainder of your life.
    I wish you well, and yes you certainly can write what ever you like on your own blog.
    Take care


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