Sunday, 17 February 2008

Lunch was here

Well lunch was here today my parents brought KFC and we also had hot chips, honey soy chicken and cheese and garlic bread pizza. We had chocolate cake for desert I made the cake but it wasn't very nice it was a different brand then I usually make.

Last night Natasha went out for a few drinks with Lucas and her aunty Sandra and Ed. She was home at around 11pm but said she had a good time. Lucas didn't come home with her he went to a 21st party but since she didn't know anyone she didn't want to go.

I am a little tipsy as I write this as I had 2 and half glasses of wine with lunch and wine is what makes me drunk fastest. I am planning to have a couple of scotch and cokes also this afternoon.


  1. HI Jo-Anne..lunch sounds great with your family. Yummy.. Hope you didn't end up too tipsy and hung over!! LOL

  2. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Your lunch sounds nice it's making me hungry at this time of
    I haven't had KFC for years.
    We had a T-bone steak done on the Barby for dinner this evening with chips and salad, lovely piece of steak it was.
    So I wonder how you feel tonight after your wine and scotches tonight.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Jo-Anne!
    sounds like a great lunch!!
    I have a craving for a white chocolate mud cake!!! yum!!
    maybe when I can taste again??

  4. Hello Jo-Anne....

    Lunch sounds great as always...Sometimes it`s best to stick to the brands you know...


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