Tuesday, 5 February 2008

6 Movies

In the last few days I have managed to watch 6 movies this is a big deal for me as I am usually lucky to watch 6 movies a year.

My favourite was the colour purple yes an old movie but one I have wanted to see for years had a bit of a cry during it.

To me a movie is good if I cry during it, or laugh so much I wet myself most movies I see I enjoy but I would say they are great because the don't make me do either of the above.

I am going to try really hard this year to watch at least 2 movies a month. If I sit up all night with Leo a few times I will get some seen....lol


  1. Hello Jo-Anne,
    I doubt if I would watch 6 movies in two years.
    I hope you do get to watch some though especially as you sound as if you enjoy a good movie.
    I think with me I am too hard to suit though there are a few good movies that I liked.
    Once when our children were little we would hire videos probably 3 a day and watch 3 a night. Guess I got movied out back then and it's still on going for the time being.
    Take care,

  2. its good when you have time to watch the movies you want. My daughter watches a lot of dvds but I don't have time to watch them all with her.

    I try to watch at least one or two a month that I really want too. I tend to catch up on weekends.

    hope the rain isn't too much still for you.


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