Thursday, 28 February 2008


I have been told at times that I interfer in my girls lives and I know that is right but I only do it because I care.

Well the other night I overheard a conversation between Tasha and Wog about how Jono wants to talk to Wog about his relationship with Tasha. I think that is Jono interfering in Tasha's life as her relationship has nothing to do with Jono, Tasha said he is concerned about Blain, ok still none of his business.

How would he like it if Tasha tried interfering in his relationships?
Answer he wouldn't.

Tasha has had one serious relationship since Blain was born in fact she has had one relationship period. One new man in her life. How many girls have been in Jono's life?

I hear something about Jono not wanting Blain to get attached to Wog only to have him leave Tasha, well Tasha could say the same thing to Jono about Blain getting attached to some girl in Jono's life but she doesn't as she knows it is none of her business.

Considering that Jono has gone through girls like most men go through socks he really should be minding his own business and no I don't think saying Blain is his business cuts it as Blain is also Tasha's business. Jono doesn't like people to interfer in his life so he shouldn't be interfering in Tasha's life.

Tasha is happy with Wog and that is what matters whether the relationship lasts only time will tell. Does Jono realise he comes across as not wanting to see Tasha happy?

Yes I have interfered again and yes I know I will get told off but what else is new.


  1. HI Jo-Anne..all guys seem to think the same way. My ex is happy to go out with lots of women and expose the kids to them , not caring when they become attached and then they move on. I am not allowed to do the same though according to him!! I think it is a control thing. It doesn't hurt to go out with other people and let your kids meet them.

    re your other post.. I know how you feel. Maybe you should let Tim go shopping. Everything is soooo dear . You can't buy enough with $120.00 anywhere.

  2. HI Jo-Anne..Not sure if this would be of interest to you or your family..

    I have just started a savings program with the Smith Family. They match up to $1000.00 in savings for childrens educational needs.

    You need to have a health care card/or pension and be in some type of employment and children in your care.

    Didn't know if this would be suitable for your children to consider. It is a great scheme.

    hope you don't mind me mentioning it.I am so glad to be a part , next year should be alot easier for me with this to fall back onto.


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