Monday, 15 April 2019

Did you know No 14

Good morning all, how is everyone this Monday, I am well been up for a couple of hours, didn't go to aqua this morning as Tim wanted me to skip another week. Anyway here are this weeks did you know facts.

The hundred billionth Crayola crayon to be made was Periwinkle Blue.

The animal that can last the longest without drinking water is the rat.

The dot on top of the letter I is called a tittle

Female ants are the one's who do all the work

The first non-human to win an Oscar was Mickey Mouse


Rita said...

Good ones! :)
Have a nice week.

Nancy Chan said...

Interesting! Good for Micky Mouse, one of my favourite cartoon character. Have a great new week!

Cherdo said...

Every mama on the planet knew the ANT one...ha ha ha.

Thanks, and best wishes!
Cherdo on the Flipside
Blogging from A-to-Z April Challenge

CWMartin said...

Figures it would be the rat...

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...


Nancy.......My niece loves Mickey

Cherdo......That's for sure


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