Wednesday, 20 June 2018

This and That Today

First up, it is still cold and wet here, just so you know.

Next up, dad is still improving and likes that he is now in a room on his own, when Sandy spoke to the nurses yesterday they said that it looks like he will go to the rehabilitation ward at Belmont hospital in the next few days. This is not something Sandy is keen on unless they also send mum to the same ward because she doesn't like the idea of having to visit two different hospital.

Next, we have mum her surgery went well, I spoke to her last night she sounded tired but alright in a moderate amount of pain, today they will get her out of bed standing up not walking just standing. Before Sandy took mum to the part of the hospital she needed to be at for her surgery she took her to see dad, she took mum in woke dad up as it was only 5.20am and when he saw mum dads eyes light up and he was so pleased to see mum and her him. Sandy said they were like teenagers holding hands and being so happy to be together.

My parents not only are still in love but they enjoy each others company.

Yesterday saw my youngest daughter sick with a fever and headache as well as some vomiting, because she was feeling sick she decided to order food via Uber Eats well that failed after nearly an hour after the delivery time they cancelled the order as they couldn't find a driver, so then she ordered pizza but was told it would be an hour before it arrived, she should have just made toast.

After two days off work Tim is now back at work thankfully he has Jessica's car because his bike is at the mechanics but since it is still cold and wet I am pleased he has a car instead of the bike.

My eldest daughter and her family have gone to Queensland for a funeral, her partner Michael's uncle passed away last week.

Here in Australia our big supermarkets are getting rid of single use plastic bags, replacing them with multi use plastic bags which cost 15cents per bag, this has annoyed some people but I like the new multi use bags they are larger and fold up pretty small so easy to carry in your handbag or pocket. I have been using my own bags when shopping for many, many years.


Margaret-whiteangel said...

Pleasing to read your parents are coming along nicely.
Not having plastic bags in not a problem here in Tasmania - we are over plastic bags now..good to know you are using your own bags Jo-Anne..

Rita said...

Glad your folks are doing well and the hubby is feeling better.

I think using shopping bags rather than disposable is a good thing. I never get out but Leah has been using canvas ones for years. I do have some of my own for my rare shopping trips, too. That would be a good law. I wish they would do that here. :)

Karen @BakingInATornado said...

I really hope they send both of your parents to the same ward. Clearly they cheer each other up and comfort each other. It would be incredibly unkind not to try to find them placement together.

CWMartin said...

15 cents a bag? Ye gods, I sure hope you get some use outta the darn things...

Your story about Mum and dad is so heartwarming. Makes me feel good about a world I increasingly feel bad about. Please let them know they are in my prayers daily, as are you all.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Margaret.......Yes I knew that Tassie didn't have plastic bags, yes both mum and dad are improving nicely

Rita........Yes I prefer to not use single use bags, so I am pleased with the change, mum & dad are continuing to improve

Karen.......When a nurse said to dad that they would be moving he said flat out NO I am not leaving my wife and told mum they will have to get Sandy on to the hospital about it.

Chris........They do last a long time I have one I bought 5 years ago and it is still in good nick, my parents do like to spend time together and rarely fight or argue

Janie Junebug said...

I shall pray that your parents will be together. I avoid plastic bags. I've had reusable bags for years, too. It's hotter than hell here. It feels like August.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jo-Anne - a few complications going on ... I do so hope that your parents can be in the same hospital for their sakes. Good luck with everything - cheers Hilary

menopausal mama said...

Lovely story about your parents. Sounds like you have been blessed with parents who are young at heart.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Janie.............Mum & Dad are still in the same hospital and improving

Hilary...........Yeah lots going on but thankfully mum & dad are still in the same hospital

Menopausal Mama......Yes my parents are young at heart

Katie Isabella said...

Really, a good idea.

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