Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Well here we after lunch on Tuesday afternoon, this morning Tim, dad & I all got off the ship and went ashore into Noumea mum stayed onboard as she didn't feel up to getting off and it is a good thing she did as there is no way she would have managed the stairs on the bus that took us from the wharf to town. The stairs were narrow and steep and no bloody way mum would get up them or down them so she stayed on deck 5 and had a latte, I parked her in a corner and that is were she stayed, just joking, although she seated in a corner out of the sun and in a place where her walker was out of the way. She doesn't sit on the walker but moves to chair at the table.

Tim was still ashore when we had lunch and came back to the cabin, dad left him there and came back on his own.

This morning I had to ask Tim to put my socks on for me as it was quicker then trying to do it myself and I commented that it was ridiculous that I had to get help to get them on and what does Tim say.................... “it is ridiculous that you have allowed yourself to get like this” yes that is what he said and he didn't get why I was upset with him because of it. I did NOT allow myself to get like this it just happened and I could have gotten my socks on but I am worried that the strain of doing so may cause the pain in my hip to return and I do not want that.

Note I can get my socks or stockings on myself just takes longer and is a bit of hard work to do so and yes I know I have become fat and all but I am working on changing that and I do not need comments like that.

You don't tell someone who has say lung cancer that they allowed themselves to have get lung cancer because they smoked to me it is the same thing their actions may have been the cause of the cancer, my actions may be the cause of my problems but still not a nice thing to say. I KNOW he LOVES me but still not a nice thing to say or hear.

While ashore I bought a few things mum wanted me to get for her and a couple of things I wanted and now I am looking forward to going home, having a hot bath and sleeping in my own bed, just saying.  


Margaret-whiteangel said...

It's a wonder there is not a wheelchair available for your mum, or is the cruise not friendly in that matterJo-Anne?
You can't help not being able to put your socks on quickly, often easier to get someone to do it. Time might come that Tim has trouble or gets slower then 'the asking' will be on the other foot!

Rita said...

I was wondering why they don't have a wheelchair available for you mom, too.
That would have hurt my feelings also! My dad was skinny and short but he had arthritis and had to have a hip transplant. He did not "allow" himself to get like that.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

There was many people on the cruise using a wheelchair but you had to take your own which mum could have done but dad didn't want her too because he didn't want to push her around

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Mum could have taken her own wheelchair but dad didn't want her to do so which was annoying but we managed pretty well. Yes one day Tim may be restricted in his movements then he will get how it is to struggle to do things

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