Friday, 5 May 2017

Cruise Day 1 & 2

Well here we are at day two of our cruise, last night saw me in so much pain from sitting and walking and standing and you know moving and not moving, after dinner which wasn't much wasn't hungry I returned to my cabin and had a hot shower and then wanted to sit in bed and read but I was in far too much pain.

Although because mum had the walker we didn't have to wait in any long lines at check in and going through customs. Mum had to be patted down as she set of the metal detectors due to the pins and plate in her arm and there was an issue with Tim having the two way radios but that was ok. Dad had an issue with his multi purpose tool because it has a knife in it, the security guy was going to confiscate it but I was standing next to him when he asked who it belonged to and I pointed to dad and said the old man there with the hat on he looked at dad, said the old man, oh well it will be ok. If it belonged to a young man I reckon it would have been confiscated but because it belonged to an old man it was ok.

When I went to bed last night, I laid down at first on my left side for a bit but had to go to the toilet after 15 or 20 minutes, then I laid on my back and didn't move for a long time till the pain subsided. This morning I have been ok pain wise didn't take my cane to breakfast as didn't feel like I needed it.

Yesterday I walked to the dinning area and so did mum there and back at lunch and also to the emergency drill but when we went to dinner I pushed mum on her walker and that was so much better for both mum and myself.

So I started this in the morning and it is now 6.45pm and I am just returning to the cabin after a full day out doing nothing much, checking out shops and just sitting and watching the ocean for a while.

Tonight we had dinner in the Bernini restaurant on deck 5 and it was nice to sit and be waited on for a change, the chicken dish I had was really nice followed by ice cream with chocolate topping now I am in for the night and Tim is going to watch a movie on the big screen outside near the pool.



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