Saturday, 6 May 2017

Cruise Day 3 Brisbane

Well hello all here we are at the end of another day, a day spent really doing nothing but chatting and talking, although Tim and dad went ashore and had a wonder around Brisbane with dad returning exhausted from the trip, neither mum nor I felt like going ashore.

I had a nap after lunch while Tim downloaded photos from his camera to the computer but even though I was laying down I could hear Tim complain that the laptop wouldn't play the video clips he recorded I said I would l have a look at it but not right then as it took me a while to get comfortable and I wasn't moving.

I am pretty much over my cold but seems like I gave it to my brother as he was telling mum he had a cold when she spoke to him at lunch time, being in Brisbane meant we had service while out on deck and in the Horizons Court food area.

At breakfast my sister Sandra rang and told mum she was sorry she burnt one of mums nightgowns while she was sleeping over there last night, she had put on a small light mum has in one of her cupboards near her bed and got up went and had a smoke and went to the toilet and she started to smell something burning and when she went into mums room the nightgown was burning, bloody good thing she didn't burn the house down.

Before we left I sent Sandra a message asking if she helped mum pack could make sure mum had outfits that matched, as sometimes mums fashion sense isn't all that cracked up and she wears item that I feel clash and I told Sandra not to tell mum, well today mum was telling me that Sandra told her about the message and that I hadn't wanted mum to know what I said. Mum and I had a good laugh about it, she also said making sure she packed outfits that matched didn't mean she would wear outfits that matched...............

I am writing this in the afternoon while mum and dad have a rest, mum wasn't feel great and dad was exhausted from his morning trip to Brisbane. I told mum to ring me when she wants to go to dinner and to just take her time and rest for a while.

Tim came down to get his phone, I am saying down, I don't know why though as we are on deck 14 near the top of the ship, anyway he came and got his phone and he had this drink with him which he gave me a taste of and I can tell you it was disgusting, had to have some water to get rid of the taste. He is trying new drinks out while we are here because why not but I am still annoyed that he only got the grog drink package for himself because he has realised we can't share it and we are often not together and when we are he doesn't want soft drinks he wants grog so I am not happy and he knows it, well I think he knows it.


Rick Watson said...

Traveling is fun but can be exhausting. I'd love to see that part of the world.

CWMartin said...

Mum's wardrobe reminds me of back in the day when kids got Garanimals outfits that had tages to match them so kids could learn. Never helped me, but it was a bit after my time...

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