Thursday, 10 November 2016

Just and update about my life

Good morning or afternoon, I am starting this in the AM but no idea when I will finish and post it.

I am home, last night was my last night house/dog sitting, the last few days by the time I got back to Dave's place in the afternoon I just had no motivation to blog or check emails hence the reason I have not been around this week but things are back to normal now.

Yes I could have used Leo's laptop while here during the day but decided to hand write some letters to pen pals as I am out of printer ink and since Tim had to fork out $220 for a new front tyre for his motor bike and $250 a few weeks back for repairs to the bike and the ink for my printer is like $23 each I will wait for a while before I ask him for money for the ink. We also need to get some scripts filled that I will need to get on Friday aka tomorrow more money we need to spend.

I also need to offer a correction, recently I said I had never had a broken bone, well my sister Sandra reminded me that as a baby I had a fractured skull and that counts as a broken bone, since I don't remember it happening I was only a few months old.

In other news on Sunday or Monday right now I can't remember which day anyway not important whichever day it was mum received a phone call from the nursing home to inform her that nan has a really bad chest infection and had been seen by the doctor and prescribed antibiotics but they wanted to know if mum and Uncle Frank wanted her treated or just left to possible die without intervention.

Mum said she could not make that decision on her own and had to speak to Uncle Frank, they said they could not reach him and thought he had gone away on holiday again, mum said no Frank had not gone away and she would get hold of him. Well she did and it was decided to give nan the medication and see what happens.

Then on Tuesday afternoon the nursing home rang Uncle Frank and said they didn't think the antibiotics where working and she may not last the night, and if the family wanted to see her before she passed away to go and do it. So Uncle Frank and Aunt Perla went to see her and mum and dad went over and I called in on my way back to Dave's place she didn't look good but she is hanging in there. While I was there my daughters sent text messages to ask how nan was, Tim had told them all what was happening.

Yesterday mum and I went back to see her and my sisters Sandra and Jeannie went to see her as well. Nan had a fever when we were there and I had to get a wash-cloth to sponge her down and I also went to find a staff member to ask when nan last had medication for the fever. Someone came and took her temp and went to fetch the RN she also turned the air con on to help cool nan down. The woman in next bed complained that the air con was blowing on her and she was cold, mum and I took no notice, if the woman was cold she could cover herself with a blanket we were more concerned with nan.

Sandra was saying that she had tried to ring our other sister Sue but she wasn't answering, I said she should have sent her a text I would had done so but thought Sandra was handling it. Mum said she would ring Sue when she went home, I hope someone has got onto Sue. There are times I think I have to do things to make sure they get done.

It is now midday and I am just getting back to this, I sent Sue a message about nan and she rang me to tell me she got the messages from the others and said she would like to see nan but is busy today and will call in to see mum this afternoon and might get over to see nan tomorrow.

I thought nan looked a bit better today, no fever although she was a little clammy and she still has the cough and when she coughs she gets distressed.

The woman who shares her room is a right pain she was speaking very loud no make that she was yelling and when mum told her to be quiet she said it was her medication was making her yell. What the hell, what medication makes someone yell?

She also told us we couldn't put the air con on as it would make her cold, then she left the room and we turned the air con on.

Sandra was telling mum that yesterday after we left she started complaining again and wanted the air con turned off and Sandra told her no nan needed it to help cool her down and then she went on and on about how she was so sick and no one cared if she ended up in hospital Sandra said she wasn't interested and to use a blanket if she was cold.

Because Sandy told her a few times she wasn't interested in her complaints and such the woman ended up calling Sandy a effing rat, this didn't bother Sandy and when she left Sandy hid the control to the air con.

Today when mum mentioned this woman's behaviour to one of the nurses she was shocked and told mum not to take any notice of her that the woman is a trouble maker and no one wants to share a room for her but the woman can't afford to have a single room. She has been moved a number of times as those she has shared with complained that the couldn't stand her and that she was accusing them of going through her stuff. She even tried to complain that someone had been through her stuff in the room she is in with nan but since nan cannot get out of bed and doesn't even talk other then a few words here and there she had no idea who it could had been.

Kathy-Lee has dropped Summer off for me to watch for an hour or so while she goes to the shops so she is here watching telly and drinking pink milk.  


CWMartin said...

See, I told you to take inventory of Nan's stuff! I hope she feels much better soon.

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear that your nan is feeling poorly. Hopefully, she is on the mend by now. What a shame she has such a nasty room mate.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Thank you it is now Sunday and she isn't that good today according to Uncle Frank

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Sorry to say she still isn't doing that good

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