Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunday 17th April/My Day

9.30am Sunday 17th April 2016

Hello everyone how is everyone on this Sunday or Saturday whichever day it is that you are reading this. I have been somewhat busy, shock, horror, me busy who would had thought what have I been doing you wonder well shopping for food and housework which as we all know is never ending. I also spent most of yesterday either writing letters to pen pals or watching telly along with doing housework and making lunch for me, Kathy-Lee and Natasha. Jessica didn't come over for lunch because all I was going was chunky can soup with rice and bread it was nice though and easy and I had the soup in my cupboard for months. Tim was at work all day but is off today, Jessica and Leo are coming over today for lunch as today I am doing home-made chicken tenders with who knows what.

I am still walking of a morning although I am glad no one as in family members could see me yesterday as yesterday morning was a bad morning I had zero balance and was stumbling around like a drunk person and if the family saw or knew about that they would worry. This morning, however, I was fine no problems at all while walking, I did feel exhausted by the time I got home but over all I was fine.


Ok just had to run out and get Natasha's work dusters off the line alone with the mop heads because it's raining and you know what no one came to help at first the Blain came out and got the mop heads off and he told papa to come help me which he did but by then I had everything off the line. Think I will be using the dryer today.


I have done the chicken tenders and just put the pasta in to cook just packet pasta mix bacon carbonara Tim went out earlier to let a lizard go that he found during the week in his shed I am glad he took the car as it is pissing down rain. He also said he wanted to go to Bunnings and then to Coles so not sure how much longer he will be but he wouldn't eat lunch anyway so not going to wait for him.


Lunch is over and Tim is home, a load of washing is in the dryer and Natasha is outside smoking and Jessica is outside chatting to her, Natasha is the only daughter I have that smokes. Tim smokes but I don't never have never will.


Ok it is now later in the afternoon, I have just had a nice hot bath and it is still raining been raining all day. Tim and Natasha had a bit of talk about his attitude and her attitude and how we are worried about him and how we feel he is suffering from depression and would like to see him he take steps to correct that but he doesn't want to talk to any one and doesn't want to take medication for it so I do not know what is going to happen. We told him we believe he is depressed because of how negative he is about everything and how he twists everything to make it out that we are attacking him. He also has a terrible habit of walking away while people are trying to talk to him he says people talk over him all the time and yeah that may happen at times it happens to all of us it is part of life it doesn't mean we stop talking to others we just push on as it is what one does if one wants to be heard in this family at times.


Margaret-whiteangel said...

Still hasn't rained where I live.

Nancy Chan said...

Hello Jo-Anne. That was a very busy day for you and thank you for sharing it with us. I hope Tim will one day turn around to become a fine young man. Take care and keep in good health. Have a blessed Sunday!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It is suppose to rain here again today but we will see

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

It was a pretty average day for me, Tim well who knows what he will do in the future we can only hope he thinks about all that was said over the next few days

Cheryl said...

It does sound like you had a busy day. That is a shame about Tim acting as if he is depressed. Not too much can be done though unless he wants to take it upon himself. Depression is a very complicated problem for sure.

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