Monday, 4 April 2016

Monday's dribble

Good afternoon world, it is a lovely Monday afternoon here in Newie, for a change Natasha will be picking Blain up from school also I don't have to pick Leo up either as he isn't at school today. Tim has taken the car in to have the electric brake fitted to the car for when we tow the caravan, he also got the cheque made up to pay for the van as well.

Also yesterday daylight savings ended here and as such yesterday felt like that the day was dragging on, also today seems like it is a long ass day as well. I am so glad that daylight savings is over I like it but have to say to say we don't need like 6 months of it, it starts too early and ends too late. When I was a child it was shorter and that was better, also as many people will say as children they like daylight savings as parents not so much, I was not one of them but have to say it is annoying when it goes on and on and on and never seems like it is going to end but end it has now and for that I am glad.

Last Friday was Dawson's birthday he turned 17, this year he started a new school as I had mentioned back in January but he also a couple of girls who quiet like him and who he often talks to at night, this is a new thing but also a bit like his father who always has good relationships with females. Nan and pop are really pleased with the young man he has grown into, I mostly agree with them he still has his moments and at times I don’t like the way he talks to my mum (his nan) but he has grown and matured a fair bit but like all 17 year olds still has a ways to go.

I have decided that both Blain and Leo will have a set routine of a morning when they are here of the morning, they will have to have breakfast also each day before going to school. I also will continue to prepare proper meals each night for the boys and hell if it is only me and Blain here at night I will make him a decent meal more times then not.

Well that is all for this post, I will be back tomorrow.


Cheryl said...

I am not crazy about time changes. Honestly, I don't see the need to disrupt everyone's routine for the sake of more sun in the evening vs. earlier light in the morning and vice versa depending on what time of the year it is. The original reason was to save electricity but many studies suggest that not to have any impact.

I am a big believer in "breakfast". I actually think that breakfast is more important than you having a proper evening meal. If kids have a wholesome breakfast and a good lunch, a light evening meal is fine in my world.

Nancy Chan said...

We are not affected by time changes and life goes on as usual. For us breakfast and dinner is important.

Nancy Chan said...

We are not affected by time changes and life goes on as usual. For us breakfast and dinner is important.

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