Friday, 8 April 2016


Yesterday I spoke about respect today or maybe tomorrow not sure if this will be posed tonight Thursday night or tomorrow Friday, anyway I am going to talk a little about bullying, why well I will tell you.

This afternoon Blain and Leo went over to a friend of Blain's place and I use the word friend loosely as I do not think this boy is much of a friend. Before they leave Natasha spoke to Blain about how this kid said he was going to smash Leo in a game of Bull Rush, Blain said it isn't going to happen and all is cool with Leo and this kid, so they went to the boys place and I am sure you can all guess what happened.

Well when they said they were going to play Bull Rush Leo said he was coming home he wasn't interested and that is when things turned into bullying. When Leo tried to use the walkie talkie to tell us he was coming home one boy snatched it away so he couldn't call us, then Leo started to walk away and they got in front of him and crapped him by his legs and pulled so he fell backwards and hit his head on the cement, he was crying and when he tried to run away they tackled him to the ground and started to punch him a few times. He managed to get away from them and ran home.

Blain told them to leave him alone but that is all he did, he said he was scared if he tried to intervene they would hit him too.

Jessica was here when Leo came home crying and she called Blain and told him to come home straight away, she was to say the least bloody mad. However, when she spoke to Blain she calmed down and was ok, she did ring his dad and after all was said and done it was decided that Blain would not be in trouble over this as he may have been scared and yes he may have been hurt if he tried to help Leo and he is only 10.

Now when Jessica called him to come home his so called friends told him not to come home to hid instead but he didn't do that he came straight home and he knew it wasn't going to be good since Leo had came home in tears and hurt and he knew it was wrong to do what they did to Leo.

To me this was bullying, the boys may have thought it was just a game but it was a game that Leo didn't want a part of and when he tried to leave they tried to stop him and that is when it goes from a game to bullying if you ask me.

Also it is now Friday morning so I was right I didn't get this finished last night. 


  1. Yes it's bullying. The "friends" parents should be confronted.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as CWMartin. I think I would have a meeting with the parents and the boys and discuss this behavior. I think all parties should sit down and compare versions of what prompted this behavior. I think the boys were being bullies but I would wonder if the bullies realize that Blain was afraid to step in or if they think he was taking their side. I would want to confront the other boys with their parents in attendance and find out what is going on that they think it is acceptable to potentially hurt someone without facing consequences. Plus, I would tell all parties that it is NEVER to be repeated. I probably would make it clear to parents and boys that they aren't allowed to play together at least for a time.

    1. I would have liked to talk to the other parents but was over ruled by Jessica and Natasha so didn't do so, I did however, contact the school and told them what happened without telling the girls I was doing

  3. That is awful bullying. Hope the parents can sort it.

  4. Good grief! Yeah, that's bullying.



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