Thursday, 10 March 2016

My boys, Blain & Leo

Hello Thursday, and what a hot Thursday it has been, this morning Leo got dressed in long pants for school and I had to insist that he change his pants and wear shorts as it has been around 36°c today and that is far to hot for long pants.

Also this morning Blain didn't want to wear the only clean shirt he had as it was the really big shirt his mum bought him for school at the start of the year, so I told him to wear the one he wore yesterday and I would do a load of washing so he will have a clean shirt for tomorrow. Well he thought it would be cool to wear two shirts a normal tee shirt under his school shirt, and of course he got hot during the day. When asked why he didn't just take the tee shirt off he said his teacher wouldn't let him, I asked why didn't he just go to the boys toilets at either recess or lunch and take it off and shove it in his bag. He didn't think of that.

I don't think I mentioned that Leo got a letter home from school it was a formal warning that he is on what they call an intention to suspend what it is, is a caution due to inappropriate behaviour. This is because a week ago while playing at school another child threw sand in Leo's ear so Leo got pissed and threaten to punch the child for “being a dick” (Leo's words). So he got into trouble over that, this happened a week after he was accused of being racist when another boy, made a comment about how white Leo is and Leo said so what you're black. He didn't think it was wrong he was just stating a fact and wanted to know why the other boy could call him white but he couldn't say he was black, don't think the teacher liked Leo asking that question. With Leo, he rarely will start trouble but he will not walk away either, you throw sand in his ear he will stand up and threaten to punch you.

Blain just realised there is a push bike out the back, it is Leo's bike he got it for his birthday in January and pappa (Tim) put it together on the weekend but the tyres are flat and we couldn't find a pump so I told Blain I will be buying a bike pump tomorrow when I go shopping. I also told Blain that he will have to ask Leo if he can ride it, because if it was Blain's bike Leo would have to ask permission.

Also this week Jessica has picked Leo up from school each afternoon except on Monday and then that was only because she was waiting on her shopping to be delivered, so hopefully she will be able to get him tomorrow, as he will not be coming here tomorrow night due to being grounded. So I do not want to pick him up as it will only cause upset for him and me, spoke to her this afternoon asked how come she has been able to get him he said it was because the child she picks up has been getting out early but should be back to normal time out next week so I will be back to getting Leo next week.

Damn I just realised that Blain has gone to his friends place, yes I knew he was going but I was distracted and only just realise he was suppose to do his homework before going out, oh well I will call him and get him home and tell him he has to do his homework. I am expecting him to complain as he always complains when I ask him to do his homework, or anything really.


CWMartin said...

On Leo and the sand... reminds me of a time when KC was little and burned his mom pretty bad (6 years old and already smarter than her.) When she left the room, I told him: "On the record, I don't want to hear you being disrespectful to your mom like that. Off the record... (dissolves into laughter...)"

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah often I think Leo is a bit smarter then Blain in life matters not so much in school matters though

Janie Junebug said...

I'm glad Leo stands up for himself, but doesn't start the fight. My daughter needed to stand up for herself more. She gradually learned.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes when we learn to stand up for ourselves we usually feel better about ourselves

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