Thursday, 24 March 2016

Cooking a baked meal, having a few days off school and Easter shopping I have not done yet

Hi all, today I am going to chat a bit about what makes a good baked meal and how badly prepared/cooked food can influence how we prepare/cook food.

Last night I cooked tea for myself, Jessica, Kelli and all the boys Blain, Leo and Daemon all we had was a roast chook bought from Coles Supermarket with baked spuds and peas and corns. The suds I did in the oven now until recently like the last few years I had never cooked my baked spuds in the oven. I was taught to cook them in oil in the electric fry-pan but when Kelli was living here I was shown how to cook them in the oven.

Let's go back to when Tim and I were first together, we went over to his father's place one day for a meal and he did a “baked” meal, he cooked the spuds, pumpkin, and carrots in the oven and they were either hard and not cooked through or soft and not cooked to a crisp. When we left after the meal Tim said to me “that was a horrible meal” he didn't like it, in fact he said he didn't know what a good baked meal was till he had tasted my mother's cooking and he still says how he misses my grandmother's baked potatoes he says they were the best he ever tasted.

Of course Tim doesn't remember how much he didn't like his father's cooking now days but he does remember how much he likes my mum and nan's cooking and he says my cooking isn't that bad either.

Anyway what I am getting at is that because of how terrible that meal his father made was it turned me off baking veggies in the oven, but tasting how nice the spuds were when Kelli cooked them in the oven changed my mind. That said I still prefer to do my orange veggies in the fry-pan the way my mum taught me to do.

So how do you do a baked meal?
How often do you do a baked meal?
Have you ever been turned off doing something because when you tried it, it was awful?

Last day of school for a few days school goes back on Tuesday so that is 4 days off school for the kids, I will naturally have Leo tomorrow night if his mum wants me to. Saturday I will have to go and do my Easter shopping as yet Tim hasn't given me any money not even the $20 he said he would give me. Although I did spend $10 on some small eggs for the grandchildren but really need to get something else and not really thinking chocolate I want to get the boys some kind of gift.

Ok time to post and then put my feet up for a while, tomorrow will be a busy day washing and Tim will be cooking fish for lunch he will do the fish I will do the chips. 


Margaret-whiteangel said...

A baked meal! Veggies can be done several ways if baking them.
In the fat from the meat as the meat is cooking in the oven. Veggies in own dish in the oven.
In an oven bag in the oven.
Or as you do.
Have done them each of those ways, each turns out different but I keep my potatoes smallish, as I do parsnip for the oven baking.
As for the potatoes, often depends on what type they are as to how they turn out when cooking 'anyway'.
We have a baked meal often, usually a leg of lamb, pork, a piece of beef, turkey, chicken, whatever is about really.
I even do a baked dinner in the caravan in the oven.

Cheryl said...

I bake or broil nearly everything. Because both my husband and I spend a lot of time at the gym working with trainers, they want us to eat high protein, low fat diets. That is fine. I am an especially small person and don't need many calories so baked and broiled foods are leaner and less caloric. We always bake potatoes but usually sweet potatoes because of the higher vitamin content. I try to have fish several times a week and grill or broil it. We roast a lot of vegetables like brussel sprouts and carrots and eat a lot of raw fruits and vegetables as well. I don't think our diet would appeal to a lot of people but it works for us.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah I like a baked meal, so nice and yes many ways to do it as well. Yes different potatoes cook up differently

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I like sweet potato but I am the only one in my family to like it although at times Tim has mistaken it for pumpkin and didn't notice. I prefer foods to be grilled or cooked in the air fryer I generally don't like a lot of fat

CWMartin said...

I am a very lazy cook. If I can't nuke it, I'm hesitant to put the time in. If we go back to caveman days I'm a goner, lol!

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