Thursday, 31 March 2016

Just a bit about my latest appointment and about my family.

Hello everyone, it is now Thursday afternoon and I have just had a bath and thought I would quickly write a post for the day, there is family news but can't tell you been told by my daughters yes more then one of them have told me I cannot share their news on my blog of Facebook so since I can't tell you that news I will have to think of something else to tell.

I went back to the specialist about my tremor in my right arm and leg, he has changed my medication as the Artane isn't working so I will start something else tomorrow and go back and see him in 4 months time. What has annoyed me is that the appointment is at 4pm and I do not like afternoon appointments but what can I do, if that is when it has to be then so be it, although I think it clashes with our trip to Tassie I will have to check that and if it clashes I will have to ring and change it.

He said it is still too difficult to say what is causing it there are a few different types of tremors and it is still to early to tell what it is, we will see how the new medication goes. One thing he said it could be caused by stress alone as it does get worse when I am feeling upset and stressed but we will see what happens with the new medication.

Natasha has not been getting as much work this week, she isn't sure why, she has not been working with the same woman also this annoys her because less hours been less money and she said she is going to talk to the boss because if she is going to loss her job she needs to know so she can start looking for something else.

Natasha has been feeling really stressed the last week or so she is so fed up with how the boys act when they are together and when they are apart too, she is so over Blain's attitude all the time and Leo's getting upset and lying and carrying on over nothing. On Easter Sunday she lost it with both boys they had been fighting a lot on the drive home from Cessnock (a 45 minute drive) and when she got home she did her block with both of them. Then on Easter Monday she went off again at Blain who was giving her a lot of attitude and not listening to her.

Ok that is all I have for today's post.


Cheryl said...

Now you have our curiosities up about the news that you can' tell.

Hope the new medications work for the tremors. I am a believer that stress can cause all types of odd problems.

Poor Natasha..that is not fun dealing with kids that are misbehaving. Hopefully, she will get a handle on it.

diane b said...

Has Natasha thought of going to a parenting program? They are very helpful I went when i was a young mother.

Margaret-whiteangel said...

You do have me wondering Jo-Anne!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I would tell if I could but I have sworn I wouldn't, I will let others know if the medication works

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

She doesn't think she needs a parenting program neither does Jessica who also could do with attending one

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I wish I could tell

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