Monday, 1 September 2014

This and That and Nothing Much Just My Life

Good morning world it is a nice morning here in my part of the world, and it is also the start of Spring and it is kicking off on a high note, it is dry and warm it's suppose to be a nice 24°C today which for those who don't use Celsius that's 75°F.

Over the weekend I did bugga all, ok Saturday I did go out and get Leo another pair of school shoes and a couple of other things and I went to the library but that was all. Yesterday I did nothing except 2 loads of washing which I was able to peg out to dry as it was a lovely day out.

My mum is at last sounding and feeling much better, the antibiotics have helped so I think we will be going to see nan on Wednesday, haven't been for two weeks as mum has been too sick to go.

On Friday Jessica took her work car in and swapped it for a 12 seater van, she was told she was getting an 8 seater car but they gave her the van.. Before giving it to her someone took her out for a drive in it to see how she could handle it and she was told by the guy that he had no worries about her driving it as she handled the van just fine. Jessica, however, feels it will take her a little while to get use to driving something so big but at the same time she likes it and it should stop the fighting in car between the children she drives.

She has also decided to get Leo into OOSH a couple of more mornings a week as her first pick up is in Belmont which is on the way to my place so she will drop Leo off at OOSH and then start her run picking up the child in Belmont first this means I will not have to drive Leo to school as often but I will be picking him up from school as OOSH costs more in the afternoon because they give the children afternoon tea. Leo loves OOSH so I expect he will be happy.

You know last night I was in bed at 6.50pm I was so bloody tired and at risk of becoming over tired if I stayed up any longer, however, at 7.40pm Jessica comes in and wakes me to pack Leo's school lunch for today and to find him some school clothes I was so tired I did it all in sleep like state.

Oh yeah mum was telling me last night that her and dad went out yesterday with Dave's family to some place in Edgeworth that has miniature trains and trains you can ride on around the area, they were there all day and mum said that her and dad had a great time and thought that Kathy's girls and Blain & Leo might like the place. You have to take your own food and drink and have to get there early as it gets quiet crowded.

I remember many years back when my girls were only little that Tim's father talked about going there but we never got around to doing so but we didn't like spending a lot of time with Tim's side of the family mostly because they are all weird people and we never felt at ease around them and of course none of them liked me they thought I thought I was too good for them which to be honest I did, this is because Tim's family are very bogan like.

Oh yeah it is 15 days till we fly out for Hawaii and I really need to get my ass into gear and go and get the spare parts for my Cpap machine I want to take extra clips and I need a new strap for it as well. Last time we went to New Zealand a clip broke and I was screwed till we got back thankfully it broke the second last night in the country but still I think I will take spares with me this time.

Ok I think that is all so I will leave you all here and remember I like comments so feel free to leave one. 


Rita said...

I guess I am a little puzzled. Can't Jessica do those things for her own son? Why would she wake you up to do it for her? How is she going to survive when you go on vacation? And it sounds like you need one! :)

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

You are not alone many are puzzled and Jessica would be annoyed with me about this post, she will manage just fine she can when she has to she just doesn't want to do. Sometimes I feel more like his mum then his nanna

CWMartin said...

I think Tim's side rubbed off on Jessica... You can bring a child into the world but be incapable of packing a lunch or laying out clothes for him? What a crock, sorry.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes I feel she can do it she just chooses not to do it because she thinks it is easier if I do it for her, she will have to do it while I am in Hawaii and bet she managers just fine

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