Tuesday, 2 September 2014

False Teeth and Another Car Till Tomorrow

Good morning could say another day another dollar, but I don't work and such I don't get another dollar each day so I really shouldn't say that, how about I say Spring has sprung a leak..............yeah yesterday was a lovely spring day and today it is cold and miserable looking again. It is suppose to rain for the rest of the week but as yet it hasn't.

Today is Leo's dress rehearsal for his concert and the night of the concert is Thursday, why do they have to have these things at night and don't say because it is held out of school hours they could hold it on a Saturday or what the hell hold it during school hours and yes I know parents work and can't make it during school hours and I am only thinking of myself, so shoot me.............

Moving on do you have false teeth?

If so how often do you wear them, I have partial upper and lower teeth and I usually only wear them to eat as I find them annoying but recently I have thought I would like to wear them more so last night I decided to do what my sister recommends and wear them to bed she things if you sleep in them your mouth gets use to them. So I wore them to bed but after a couple of hours I had to get up and go to the toilet and had to take them out as they were bothering me.

I just put them in again and already they are annoying me and I want to take them out, Jessica says I sound funny with them in and I know I do which is another reason I don't wear them very often. However, I know if I don't wear them I will never get use to them and such it is like catch 22, I think..........

My nan has false teeth and I never saw her without them, in fact she always wore them till she went into the nursing home, now she doesn't wear them at all as after she had been in the home a while she started to complain when the staff went to put them in so they stopped doing so and now her mouth has shrunk and they don't fit anymore and anyway she no longer knows how to chew and can only have soft food.

My mum also has false teeth has done since she was in her 20's and we rarely see her without her teeth although like nan she has full plates, mum puts her teeth in as soon as she gets up and they stay in all day and that is what I would like to do if only I could get use to having them in all the time.

Yesterday Jessica had to take the 12 seater van back into work and swap it for a 8 seater Targo and although the Targo is newer and nicer she doesn't like it and wants the 12 seater back, which she should get back tomorrow. Leo was excited about another car to ride in.

What else? I can't think of anything else so I guess I will end this here and post it because what is the point in writing it if I don't post it..............

Remember I like comments, like all bloggers do, really what blogger doesn't like comments, so leave me one and I will of course read it and reply because that is just good manners.


Rita said...

My mom and her sister have had full dentures as long as I can remember. They're never without their teeth. I have a few fake teeth but two are cemented in a permanent bridge...and one is banged into the bone with wires. Now that I am so poor--they just pull my teeth if they need a lot of work because it's cheaper. No false teeth for me.

Janie Junebug said...

You have cold and miserable and I have hot and miserable. I think it's nice to have school programs during the day. Plenty of parents and grandparents can attend. Going out at night has always been difficult for me. Of course, going out during the day before I'm completely awake is difficult, too. I have all my toofers. My mom had very few of her own teeth. She wore her dentures until bedtime. Then she would put them in a cup to soak in cleaning solution. When I worked at the nursing home we were told that people shouldn't sleep with their dentures in, but a lot of them got upset about taking them out. I'm sorry that yours hurt. Perhaps you need to talk to your dentist or oral surgeon about them? Try to stay warm.


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I can't imagine my mum without her teeth, and I always thought I would wear mine all the time but I just can't

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Thunder and lighting outside at the moment, I don't like to drive at night or in bad weather but bet I will have to do both come Thursday. Yes I always thought it was bad to sleep with false teeth in but my sister says it is one way to get use to having them in. I did speak to the dentist about how I find them annoying and uncomfortable and was told that I need to wear them more to get use to them as they are the right fit for my mouth.

Carol Kilgore said...

I think if you make yourself wear them - no matter what - for one hour a day in the morning for a few days until they no longer bother you for that hour, and then do the same thing for two hours, three, and so on, that it won't take you but a few weeks to become accustomed to wearing them full time.

Janie Junebug said...

My mom said she got used to hers by making herself wear them all day and just taking them out at bedtime.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

That is what I am trying to do and fingers cross I will get use to them after a while sometimes I forget to put them in though which is annoying

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
Just back from our vacation in Arizona... Tons of work to do at home, lots of mail to sort through and bills to pay of course. That never goes on vacation!
No, I don't have any false teeth, still all my own and never ever had a tooth ache either. Being blessed I guess as my sister had all false teeth at the age of 20 after she had her 2 babies. Her teeth were sensitive to hot and cold and she had them pull. Don't know if that would have been the best thing to do?
My Mom had false teeth at age 40 after baby # 8. My Dad in his late 60s I guess.
Only Pieter my husband does have a bridge and he takes it out at bedtime for soaking it in special anti-bacterial tablets for dentures. So they are fresh and clean in the morning.
For surgery all dentures have to be removed so it is best to make it a routine for hygiene cleaning and try to use them all the time. Sure, our bones do shrink!
Sending you hugs and thanks for your brief visits.

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