Tuesday, 9 September 2014

6 Questions about my country

On Facebook there are a lot of quizzes about America and I do them for no real reason just to see how I do and most of the time I do pretty damn good getting most of the questions right. So I have been wondering how well do my overseas followers know Australia so here are half a dozen questions about my country.

I will tell you the answers tomorrow. See if you can answer these without Google.........

What is the capital of Australia?

How many states are there?

How many stars are on our flag?

What is the country's largest city?

Who was our first Prime Minister?

What two animals are on our coat of arms?


  1. Ummmm, maybe Sidney or Melbourne; two thousand; one; maybe Sidney or Melbourne; Baz Luhrmann; the kangaroo and the koala bear.

    I failed, didn't I? At least I tried.


  2. Canberra, five, six, Sydney, John Smith (total IDK generic guess name), Kangaroo and platypus. How's that without Googling?

  3. I just read Janie's guesses. Baz Luhrman? LOL!

    1. Well, if it wasn't Baz, it should have been.

  4. Sidney, 6, lots,Melburne, ?, Koala, Kangaroo.
    Oops, I think I flunked!


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