Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Happy Birthday Dawson

Here in my part of Australia we are into our last week of Daylight Savings and have to say about time too, I am so over it I like daylight savings but it goes for far to long I remember when it use to end at the end of February and then it was the start of March then the end of March and now it is the beginning of April before it ends talk about ridiculous.

Also today being the first of April it's the 15th birthday of my nephew Dawson who everyone knows is the son of my brother David and he lives with my parents most of the time and goes to either of his parents house on the weekend. Although he often doesn't want to go to his parents place he prefers to stay at nan & pops house, why well at their place there is now fighting and he has his own TV, Xbox, Foxtel and he can eat his meals in his room watching telly or playing his Xbox.

Dawson has lived with mum ever since he was born, in those early days he would spend 4 days with his dad and 4 days with his mum that grew into a week with his dad and then a week with his mum but the time spent with his dad was spent with his nan & pop as Dave lived at home still back then. When Dave married Leigh Dawson started wanting to stay with his nan more and more and now he lives with his nan & pop from Monday to Friday and goes to his parents on alternate weekends, but there are many weekends when he will say to mum (nan) that he doesn't want to go to his mums or his dads this makes it hard on mum she doesn't like forcing him to go to his parents places but she also knows that both his parents like spending time with him and it is upsetting for them when he doesn't want to spend time with them.

Because Dawson had ODD he doesn't handle being bossed around very well and by bossed around I mean having a parent or adult tell him what to do, this is something both his parents have a problem understanding at times they think I am the parent if I tell you to clean your room or do the dishes you as the child should do as I said with Dawson it doesn't work that way you have to ask the child if they were to ask him to do something he is more likely to do it without complaint. My mum has always been one to ask her children to do something for her over telling them to do it, it is just the way she is.

Dawson loves younger children and will often play with his little sister Liarna and his baby cousin Denni and little cousin Temika he is so gentle with the little ones, he also has a little brother Landon on his mothers side and yes he likes to play with his brother but I think because his mother will at times expect him to play with Landon he doesn't want to do so.

There has been many times when his mum has said to him why do you like Denni more then Landon it isn't that he likes Denni more it is because he is not expected to play with Denni thus is a joy for him to do so. This I think I is part of his ODD.

Dawson has always been a miniature version of David and that is both a good and a bad thing, Dave was an annoying little shit as child and as a teenager he was a annoying bigger shit and as such you can take my word for it that Dawson can be an annoying little/bigger shit just like his father. However, we do love him just like we love his father.

I will end this with HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWSON Aunty Jo loves you


CWMartin said...

Happy Birthday, Dawson!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Thank you

Mynx said...

Wishing Dawson a happy belated birthday

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